Robert McCarney

Growing up in Ireland, Robert McCarney was always surrounded by music, from his father who sang everyday to his mother who never had the radio off and his seven siblings all of whom were passionate about music and records. However, classical music played a very small part in all that he was exposed to. His first love was rock music of the 60s and 70s. As Irish music was a constant all through his childhood, that grew into a passion for folk and world music in his teens and the decision to teach himself how to play music. That was followed a little later by a love for jazz.

He wasn't smitten by classical music until he was twenty or twenty-one. He got a voucher for Virgin Records one Christmas and after reading a history of music he borrowed from the local library he decided to buy three CDs that seemed interesting based on what he had read. They were of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Scriabin's piano music and Bartok's String Quartets. His life has bever been the same since. From that winter's morning almost thirty years ago until today he has been on the most extraordinary adventure, thanks principally to the classical music of the twentieth century, especially the lesser-known twentieth century.


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