Classical Music Daily — Thursday 1 June 2023


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Ensemble. An Important Voice — Mike Wheeler listens to Florence Price and Dvořák

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Ensemble. Brilliance, Ingenuity and Excellence — Roderic Dunnett listens to Handel's 'Agrippina' (updated 31 May 2023)

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Ensemble. Musical evangelism — Piers Adams' group Red Priest amazes Keith Bramich (published 1 June 2003)


Mikhail Glinka (1804); Percy Whitlock (1903); Patrick Thomas (1932); Edo de Waart (1941); Samy Moussa (1984); Jean Ritchie (2015); Andrew Massey (2018); Myroslav Skoryk (2020); Alexander Maykapar (2021)

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Derived from a 1984 photo by American photographer Jack Boucher (1931-2012) of the South Front of the Administration Building, Bathhouse Row, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, USA

Recent Articles

Ensemble. Brilliance, Ingenuity and Excellence — Roderic Dunnett listens to Handel's 'Agrippina'

CD Spotlight. Quite Eclectic — Chamber music by Joachim Mendelson and Grażina Bacewicz, heard by Geoff Pearce. '... insight, commitment and verve.'

The Oblivionopolis Audio Quiz — Extracts from a dozen obscure twentieth century works ... can you guess the composers and the works?

CD Spotlight. A De-orchestration? — Keith Bramich listens to Richard Blackford's new version of Verdi's Messa da Requiem. '... Richard Blackford is a respected and experienced composer, and this is no mere thinning of the texture ...'

Ensemble. Undeniable Brilliance and Thrills — Ron Bierman listens to Brahms, Dvořák and Gity Razaz

Classical music news. Davidsbündler Feest — Celebrate the Davidsbündler Music Academy's successful first year

CD Spotlight. Contrasting Moods — Geoff Pearce is impressed by Dvořák from the Shaham Erez Wallfisch Trio. 'All three performers ... do full justice to the works they are presenting here ...'

Classical music news. June 2023 New Releases — Browse a large selection of new recordings

CD Spotlight. Immense Dramatic Power — Gerald Fenech listens to Berlioz. '... an interpretation overflowing with passion and flair ...'

Echoes of Oblivion by Robert McCarney — More corn than gold

Ensemble. Bold and Resolute — Roderic Dunnett is impressed by a performance of Amy Beach's Mass in E flat

CD Spotlight. Freshness and Vitality — Geoff Pearce explores the music of Paul von Klenau. '... a most welcome recording of music by what is today a relatively little-known composer.'

Ensemble. Byrd in Context — Mike Wheeler hears The Sixteen

CD Spotlight. Exceptional Poise and Musicality — Operatic arias played on trumpet, highly recommended by Gerald Fenech. 'Matilda Lloyd performs these phenomenal pieces with a captivating enthusiasm and irresistible grace ...'

To Talk or Not to Talk — Béla Hartmann discusses whether or not musicians should speak out in public

CD Spotlight. More Operatic than Liturgical — Geoff Pearce listens to Mercadante's Messa Solenne. '... a most welcome recording of music by what is today a relatively little-known composer.'

Echoes of Oblivion by Robert McCarney — A hundred not out

CD Spotlight. Wonderful and Charming — Gerald Fenech listens to Isata Kanneh-Mason. '... the soloist's supreme mastery of each piece is unimpeachable throughout.'

CD Spotlight. A Rising Star — Benjamin Britten and Max Bruch violin concertos, enjoyed by Geoff Pearce. '... Kerson Leong and the Philharmonia Orchestra provide a coherent and compelling account.'

Ensemble. A Tumultuous Climax — Mike Wheeler listens to Dvořák, Bruch, J S Bach and Rimsky-Korsakov from Daishin Kashimoto and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra with its new chief conductor Kazuki Yamada

Ensemble. A Backwards Bohème — Adam J Sacks reports from Opera Philadelphia

CD Spotlight. A Marriage between Drama and Comedy — Gerald Fenech is impressed by recordings of five Mozart operas. '... I have never heard Mozart played with such finesse and beauty.'

Classical music news - May 2023 Obituaries — Our summary of those the classical music world has lost this month

Echoes of Oblivion by Robert McCarney — Rough winds do shake

Classical music news. Rhythms of the Brain — Performance news from Iceland, New Zealand and Malta

CD Spotlight. Colourful and Free from Pretence — Geoff Pearce explores the music of Airat Ichmouratov. '... committed and convincing ...'

CD Spotlight. An Intriguing Snapshot — Keith Bramich listens to piano music by Robert Matthew-Walker. 'Mark Bebbington ... is exemplary here, bringing out all the contrasts and mood changes ...'

CD Spotlight. Jack-of-All-Trades — Gerald Fenech listens to recordings by the Danish conductor Emil Reesen. '... full of dash and spirit ...'

Ensemble. A World-class Orchestra — Mike Wheeler is impressed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and chief conductor Eva Ollikainen

Classical music news. May 2023 Newsletter — Our May 2023 PDF newsletter has just been published

Echoes of Oblivion by Robert McCarney — The home country grown strange