Classical Music Daily — Monday 18 February 2019


Today's anniversaries

Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck (1770); Georg Johann Schinn (1833); Rita Gorr (1926); Sergei Cortez (1935); Gustave Charpentier (1956); Nathan Perelman (2002)

Recent Articles

Classical music news. Grapes come before Music? — This year's Huntington Estate Music Festival has been billed as the last

Ensemble. Pin-point Delicacy and Precision — Mike Wheeler is impressed by the Eblana String Trio

A Perfect Fool — George Colerick discusses Gustav Holst and his Richard Wagner parody

Ensemble. High Jinks — Roderic Dunnett enjoys Opera Warwick's production of Offenbach's 'La vie Parisienne'

Ensemble. Sprightly, Polished and Gleaming — Mike Wheeler listens to Mozart, Malcolm Arnold and Lennox Berkeley from Alec Frank-Gemmill and Sinfonia Viva, conducted by Frank Zielhorst

Ensemble. An Anthem to Innocence — Giuseppe Pennisi experiences the Italian version of Benjamin Britten's 'The Little Sweep'

Classical music news. Brahms and Schumann — András Schiff joins the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment for a series of concerts

CD Spotlight. Highlights of a Composer — Giuseppe Pennisi listens to music by Nicola Sani. 'The performances by Roberto Fabbriciani and Alvise Vidolin, frequent collaborators of Nicola Sani, were just superb.'

Classical music news. Three Composers - Three Continents — A new cello concerto is being written for German cellist Jan Vogler and will be performed at the 2019 Dresden Festival. 'Our world today could be just like this particular cello concerto: colourful, rich in contrast and in happy cultural coexistence.'

Ensemble. Deceptively Undemonstrative — Mike Wheeler listens to Canadian/Romanian pianist Teo Gheorghiu

CD Spotlight. Gorgeously Sung — Choral music by Richard Allain, heard by Roderic Dunnett. 'The music is undoubtedly beautiful, without exception.'

Ensemble. A Brand New 'Carmen' Ballet — Giuseppe Pennisi reports from the opening night at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

CD Spotlight. Idiomatically Revealing — Oxana Shevchenko plays Stravinsky for solo piano, heard by Roderic Dunnett. '... finely and deftly played.'

Ensemble. Expressive Progression — Mike Wheeler enjoys a concert by Stephen Hough, Mark Elder and the Hallé Orchestra

Classical music news. Mahler Education — Joy Lisney conducts a special performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony

Profile. Prodigious appetite for repertoire — Ron Bierman talks to coloratura soprano Alisa Jordheim

CD Spotlight. Dazzling Symphonies — Symphonies by Ruth Gipps, recommended by Roderic Dunnett. 'It conveys as much energy and artistry and expressiveness today as it did the day it was written.'

Of Major International Interest — Giuseppe Pennisi looks forward to a summer of opera in Italy

Classical music news. Towards the Light — Helsinki Chamber Choir's new CD will be released on 1 March 2019

CD Spotlight. Extending the Repertoire — Anett Fodor listens to Hungarian viola player Vidor Nagy. 'The mellifluous sound, the doleful melody, as well as Vidor Nagy's sensitive performance convince the listener that both the artist and instrument are worthy of recognition.'

Ensemble. An Odd Couple? — Kurtág and Brahms in concert, heard by Giuseppe Pennisi

Tempo Set Free — Keith Bramich comments on a recent article by Teun Van de Steeg

CD Spotlight. Diverse and Interesting — New works for large orchestra, heard by Geoff Pearce. 'All pieces on this disc are varied and the performances are satisfying.'

Ensemble. An Endurance Test — Rossini, Monti, J S Bach, Mozart, Handel, Vaughan Williams and Dave Maslanka from the Syzygy Quartet, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Extreme Staging — Giuseppe Pennisi reports from Palermo on the opening of Teatro Massimo's 2019 opera season

CD Spotlight. Scuttling Crabs — Music for vibraphone and wind quintet, heard by Geoff Pearce. 'There is some great vibraphone and bassoon work here ...'

CD Spotlight. A Splendid Compendium — Iberian concertos and sonatas, recommended by Gerald Fenech. '... finely and eloquently played by an ensemble that is passionately committed to creating a sound world that never ages.'

CD Spotlight. Sensitive and Meditative — Kamyar Mohajer's 'Pictures of the Hidden' engages Geoff Pearce. 'The performers here are superb.'

Ensemble. For Students to Complete? — Accademia Bizantina's 'The Art of Fugue' enthralls Rome and Giuseppe Pennisi

Ensemble. The Tragedy of Not Dying — A new Florence production of Wagner's 'The Flying Dutchman' impresses Giuseppe Pennisi

George Flynn in Chicago — Esdras Mugatik looks forward to a concert on 27 January 2019

Ensemble. Collective Talent — Mike Wheeler marvels at The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

CD Spotlight. Rich and Varied — Songs by Robin Holloway, recommended by Gerald Fenech. 'Performances are full of expressive variety and sensitivity, complimenting the composer's thoughts with undiluted commitment.'

CD Spotlight. A Deep Understanding — John McCabe's 'lost' Australian recording, commended by Geoff Pearce. 'The music is unfamiliar, but interesting, full of surprises and variety, and the fine piano playing is insightful and committed.'

CD Spotlight. Very Weird — Orchestral music by Witold Lutoslawski, heard by Gerald Fenech. 'This is meaty music through and through and, admittedly, for some this may be off-putting.'

Ensemble. The Touch of Gatti — Giuseppe Pennisi listens to Wagner and Mahler from the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome

CD Spotlight. Distractingly Unusual — Peter Navarro-Alonso's Goldbergs re-invented, heard by Keith Bramich. 'It's certainly clever, but I'm not sure what it gives us that we don't already have.'

Amazingly Kind — Keith Bramich marks the passing of South African-born composer John Joubert, who died on 7 January

Somewhat Delayed Reviews — The Beauty of Italy Captured in Sound - Arabella Teniswood-Harvey plays piano music from Italy, impressing Richard Meszto

CD Spotlight. Melting Ice — Music from glaciers by Matthew Burtner, recommended by Keith Bramich. '... a slightly romanticised account of the effects of climate change in the far north, which doesn't affect the pure beauty, and often sadness, of these vivid and intriguing natural sound recordings and ideas.'

Profile. No Vulgar Commercialiser — George Colerick tells the story of Louis Jullien, a French impressario, composer and conductor famous in London in the nineteenth century

2019 Music Festivals — Keith Bramich invites you to add classical music festivals to our online listings

Profile. A Gold Mine — Roderic Dunnett visits Birmingham to talk to John Joubert

Write for us — Editor Keith Bramich's comments and tips on contributing to this online magazine, twenty years on

CD Spotlight. Majestic Feelings — Leon McCawley plays Schubert, admired by Anett Fodor. 'His unique touch, articulation, expressive dialogue between hands and outstanding technique are admirably illustrated in virtuoso passages which demonstrate his remarkable sense of style. This recording offers many memorable moments for the listener.'

Ensemble. Simply Glorious — Verdi's 'La Traviata', live in high definition from New York Metropolitan Opera, heard by Maria Nockin

Tempo Calculated — Teun Van de Steeg finds evidence of a missing link in our perception of music