Classical Music Daily — Friday 3 December 2021


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CD Spotlight. A Celestial Festival — Gerald Fenech listens to Würzburg's Imperial Hall Mozart concerts. '... performances are nothing short of phenomenal on every level.'

Twenty years ago today

MV3, with Gordon Rumson and Keith Bramich — Habermann, Buckle, Green and snagloopdog (published 3 December 2001)


Antonio Soler (1729); Anton Webern (1883); Nino Rota (1911); Phyllis Curtin (1921); José Serebrier (1938); Christian Sinding (1941); Antonio Membrado (2016); Gigliola Frazzoni (2016)

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Derived from Rainer Lippert's 2010 photo of the facade of the Würzburg Residenz

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CD Spotlight. Multifaceted and Virtuosic — Gerald Fenech listens to Telemann Violin Concertos. '... Elizabeth Wallfisch has a profound understanding of the composer's style, and her interpretations are not only highly accessible, but also, when needed, deeply emotional and vibrantly dramatic.'

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CD Spotlight. Balance and Moderation — Handel's 'Aci, Galatea e Polifemo', heard by Gerald Fenech. '... under the sensitive conducting of Luca Guglielmi, both singers and ensemble are able to display a presence and virtuosity that are just outstanding.'

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CD Spotlight. Shattered Lives — Gerald Fenech recommends Fabrice Bollon's recording of César Franck's opera 'Hulda'. 'Sensational operatic discovery in an electrifying performance that sizzles with some superb singing and brilliant orchestral playing.'