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Spotlight. Fire and Brimstone — Gerald Fenech marvels at Alpesh Chauhan's new Tchaikovsky recording with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra for Chandos. '... Chauhan's passionate approach is consistently vibrant, sensitive and fastidiously attentive to orchestral details.'

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Twenty-five years ago today

CD Review — Gerald Fenech reviews Thomas Kalb's Vanhal symphonies (published 3 March 1999)

Twenty years ago today

CD Spotlight. A complex personality — The Romanesca trio's recording of Biber Violin Sonatas, recommended by Ron Bierman. '... the performances are outstanding.' (published 3 March 2004)


Nicola Porpora (1768); Henry Wood (1869); Alexandru Ţitruş (1922); Rachel Yakar (1936); Gilbert Kaplan (1941); Goffredo Petrassi (2003); Giuseppe di Stefano (2008); Robert Ashley (2014); Peter Hurford (2019)

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Derived from an 1890 image of Tchaikovsky's Pique Dame in St Petersburg featuring Marya Slavina as The Countess

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A Crack in Time? — A rare Leap Day editorial from Keith Bramich

Spotlight. Grammars of Space — John Dante Prevedini explores the music of composer and multi-instrumentalist Jérôme Descamps. '... a testament to the powers available to the resourceful composer-performer in the contemporary chamber idiom.'

Spotlight. Charmfully Invigorating — Gerald Fenech listens to eighteenth century composer Boismortier's 'Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse'. 'Matthias Maute and his Ensemble Caprice deliver performances of the utmost clarity ...'

Ensemble. An Almost Physical Impact — Mike Wheeler is impressed with the return of Dinis Sousa and the Royal Northern Sinfonia to play Prokofiev, Mozart and Beethoven

Taşbebek — A classical music word search puzzle by Allan Rae

Spotlight. A Wonderful Tribute — Endre Anaru praises Francesco Cera for his performance of The Well-Tempered Clavier: Part 2, Book 2. '... Cera has ascended two vast Himalayan peaks and is to be congratulated for this achievement.'

Classical music news - Weight in the Fingertips — Ukrainian-American pianist Inna Faliks' recent book tells the story of her upbringing in a Soviet state and her path to becoming a concert pianist

Ensemble. Luminous Playing — Mike Wheeler is impressed by French/German pianist Elena Fischer-Dieskau's performances of Mélanie Bonis, Robert Schumann and Rachmaninov

Spotlight. Vitality and Freshness — Gerald Fenech is delighted by Bojan Čičić and Steven Devine's recording of Handel's violin sonatas. '... infectious warmth and extraordinary dexterity ...'

Spotlight. A Great Release — Geoff Pearce appreciates Laura van der Heijden and Jâms Coleman's cello and piano recital. '... the performers do not appear to be recorded with microphones too close, which results in realistic blending, and also a feeling of distance, perhaps reflecting the distant and mysterious qualities of the moonlight.'

Spotlight. Absolute Brilliance — Gerald Fenech recommends Warner Classics' forty-two disc set of recordings by Paavo Berglund. '... a precious treasure-trove packed with musical diamonds that took twenty-seven years to complete.'

Ensemble. Something Remarkable — Mike Wheeler listens to mostly avian music from Edouardo Strausser and the CBSO

Classical music news - Jess Gillam — The British saxophonist and her ensemble join Intermusica Artists' Management Ltd

Ensemble. An Outstanding Choice — Ron Bierman is impressed by J S Bach, Barber and Haydn, played by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra led by veteran Dutch conductor Edo de Waart

Classical music news - February 2024 Obituaries — Our summary of those the classical music world has lost this month

Spotlight. Feverishly Exciting — Gerald Fenech ardently recommends Skrowaczewski's 2016 recording of Bruckner's Eighth Symphony. '... full of energy and emotional visionary splendour ...'

Spotlight. Some Real Gems — Geoff Pearce will return often to this recording of orchestral music by Grażyna Bacewicz. '... full of invention and surprises ...'

Spotlight. Sumptuously Fragile Sounds — Gerald Fenech joyously recommends keyboard music from Handel's home in London. 'Technically flawless performances ...'

Ensemble. A Runaway Success — Mike Wheeler listens to choral music by seven students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Classical music news. Gurwitz Winners — Yungyung Guo, Tatiana Dorokhova and Young Sun Choi win medals at the 2024 Gurwitz International Piano Competition

Spotlight. A Romantic Piano Master — Esdras Mugatik listens to Shura Cherkassky. '... a magical capacity to differentiate levels of sound ...'

Spotlight. Soul-searching Works — Gerald Fenech emphatically recommends orchestral music by Tchaikovsky. '... the singing is consistently exquisite, marvellously balanced and warmly intimate.'

Ensemble. An Expendable Frivolity? — Ron Bierman assesses San Diego Opera's production of Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'

Spotlight. Unbelievably Delicate — Geoff Pearce appreciates a recording of Yoav Levanon playing Rachmaninov. '... fine performances by an exciting young pianist.'

Spotlight. Inexhaustible Genius — Gerald Fenech welcomes a new disc of sacred choral music by William Byrd. '... the singing is consistently exquisite, marvellously balanced and warmly intimate.'

Ensemble. Irresistibly Jolly — Mike Wheeler enjoys Sinfonia Viva's performance of Mozart's 'Gran Partita'

Spotlight. Most Satisfying — Geoff Pearce highly recommends Andrius Puskunigis' recording of Handel oboe concertos. 'This disc is one of the finest I have heard of an oboist playing Baroque music on a modern instrument.'

Ensemble. Appealingly Varied — Mike Wheeler listens to a cello and piano recital given by Kathryn Monteiro and Joanna Lam

Classical music news. February 2024 Newsletter and other news — Our February 2024 PDF newsletter has just been published, and amongst other items of news, we also feature a conversation between Tamami Honma and Barry Cooper

Ensemble. A Marvelous Concert in an Exceptional Setting — Ron Bierman reports on Mozart from the San Diego Symphony and Raphael Payare