Classical Music Daily — Sunday 19 September 2021


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CD Spotlight. Much to Appreciate — Gerald Fenech finds these rare Norwegian Opera Overtures well worth exploring. 'Ingar Bergby keeps things moving briskly, and in his knowledgeable hands the music sounds even more accessible than one expects it to be.'

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Classical music news. John Poole — A memorial concert for British conductor John Poole was live-streamed from London (updated 19 September 2021)

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Record box — Full flower. Schubert lieder - Ian Bostridge with Julius Drake, by Basil Ramsey (published 19 September 2001)


Joachim Tielke (1719); Gustav Schirmer (1829); Gustaf Allan Pettersson (1911); Kurt Sanderling (1912); Ernest Tomlinson (1924); Nikos Skalkottas (1949); Geraint Evans (1992); Francisco Feliciano (2014)

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Derived from the 1846 painting Christmas customs in Norway by Norwegian painter Adolph Tidemand (1814-1876)

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Classical music news. John Poole — A memorial concert for British conductor John Poole was live-streamed from London

Classical music news. Joint Commissions — Four organisations from different countries collaborate to commission new works from Quebec composer Samy Moussa

CD Spotlight. Birdsong Fragments — 'Songs of Travel and Home' performed by Jullien van Mellaerts, recommended by Geoff Pearce. '... a singer with a very expressive voice, a pleasing tone, a great insight into the music he sings ...'

CD Spotlight. Contrapuntal Mastery — Gerald Fenech listens to an overture and symphonies by Andreas Romberg. 'Kevin Griffiths and his Dutch players etch out some bright and eminently satisfying performances, and their advocacy for this music brims with enthusiasm.'

CD Spotlight. A Masterpiece Re-discovered in Wexford — Giuseppe Pennisi listens to the opera 'Risurrezione' by Franco Alfano. 'Francesco Lanzillotta conducts the orchestra of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino skilfully.'

CD Spotlight. A Wayward Artist with Many Talents — Gerald Fenech listens to music by Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson. 'David Lloyd-Jones has this music under his skin ...'

CD Spotlight. Music of Wit and Charm — Works by Ernst von Dohnányi and Leó Weiner, heard by Geoff Pearce. '... fine and unfamiliar music, played to perfection by the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Roberto Paternostro.'

CD Spotlight. Wonders from Finland — Newly discovered Finnish violin music, recommended by Gerald Fenech. 'An enthralling collection, superbly recorded ...'

Profile. Serving the Larger Community — Ron Bierman talks to David Bennett, general director of the San Diego Opera Association

CD Spotlight. Utterly Different — Schubert's 'Winterreise' by Markus Schäfer and Tobias Koch, reviewed by Patrick Maxwell. 'Both performers are very good musicians.'

CD Spotlight. Fresh Appraisals — Roger Norrington's interpretations of Bruckner symphonies, heard by Gerald Fenech. 'Commendable, if somewhat unorthodox.'

CD Spotlight. The Greatness of Easter — Georg Philipp Telemann's Easter Cantatas, reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi. '... a good complement to the "Markus-Passion" CD ...'

CD Spotlight. Teenage Years — Mendelssohn's String Symphonies, recommended by Gerald Fenech. 'Performances are energetic and inspiring throughout, with a touch of crispness consistently at the centre of things.'

CD Spotlight. Often Beautiful — Geoff Pearce listens to Ilya Gringolts. 'Gringolts is an exciting violinist, his technique flawless, his sound sumptuous ...'

CD Spotlight. Just Irresistible — Orchestral music by Franz Lachner, recommended by Gerald Fenech. '... memorable ... magical ... mesmerizing ...'

Classical music news. Obituary — Mikis Theodorakis (1925-2021)

CD Spotlight. Reich through German Eyes and Ears — Giuseppe Pennisi listens to a Steve Reich anthology. '... a very dramatic reading with a small number of instrumentalists ...'

Classical music news. Newsletter and September 2021 New Releases — A selection of new recordings

CD Spotlight. All Done with Mirrors — Geoff Pearce listens to music involving the double bass by Britta Byström, Eduard Tubin, Jesper Nordin and Carin Malmlöf-Forssling. '... a fitting reflection of the work of this fine composer.'

CD Spotlight. A Mother and Daughter Duo — Simon Farrugia finds 'El Gran Astor' superbly expressed in this new album by Duo Praxedis. 'The freshness of sound presented in this album gives a new dimension to Piazzolla's music ...'

CD Spotlight. Overtly sentimental? — Bellini's 'I Puritani', heard by Gerald Fenech. '... the chemistry between conductor and performers cannot be faulted.'

CD Spotlight. Brief Time Well Spent — John Dante Prevedini listens to music for six solo voices and electronics by Gregory W Brown. '... engaging, provocative and full of genuine surprise.'

CD Spotlight. Sensitively Passionate — Furtwängler's First Symphony, heard by Gerald Fenech. '... minutely detailed and highly expressive ...'

Ensemble. Very Convincing — Lucas Ball listens to Bach and Buxtehude at last month's Three Choirs Festival in Worcester UK

CD Spotlight. Modelled on Bach — Krebs' harpsichord music, heard by Gerald Fenech. '... brimming with colour, energy and rhythmic beauty ...'

CD Spotlight. Sorrow and Gratification — Geoff Pearce listens to music by Xiaogang Ye. '... a fitting reflection of the work of this fine composer.'

Ensemble. Greek Tragedies and Musical Theatre — Giuseppe Pennisi experiences two unusual performances in Syracuse, Sicily

CD Spotlight. Innovative and Different — Paul Abrahám's operetta 'Ball at the Savoy' impresses Gerald Fenech. '... the performance has a rhythmic energy that keeps the music flowing effortlessly from start to finish ...'

Beyond COVID-19 — Ron Bierman takes a look at the current classical music scene in San Diego

CD Spotlight. Inner Energy and Passion — Gerald Fenech listens to Beethoven orchestral music. '... mouth-watering moments of great dramatic intensity ...'

Ensemble. Regietheater at the Rossini Opera Festival — Giuseppe Pennisi discusses recent performances of 'Il Signor Bruschino' and 'Elisabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra'