For the sum of £140 you can sponsor a Classical Music Daily feature of your choice, so that it appears in the Sponsored Features panel at the right of almost every page on the classicalmusicdaily.com website for at least three months, and also on our Sponsored Features page for the life of the magazine.

You might want to do this because you would like to associate your company with the artists, composers or music featured in the article, or because you think a particular article deserves a wider readership, because you'd like to share an article from our extensive archive with current readers, because you enjoyed reading it and would like to reward the author, or it may just be because you're feeling generous.

The choice of features to sponsor is very large, since we've published at least one article each day since 1 January 1999. With the exception of news items, concert listings, index pages and articles which have already been sponsored, you can choose any daily article published in Classical Music Daily or its predecessor, Music & Vision Magazine. (The article you sponsor must have already been published, but it needn't be a recent article.)

There's no practical limit to the number of articles you can sponsor, and each time you do so, Classical Music Daily will pass on all of your sponsorship fee to the article's author.

Each new sponsorship (from November 2019 onwards) includes:

  • Inclusion for at least a month in (and initially at the top of) the sponsored features panel listed on nearly every page of our website.
  • Inclusion for the life of the magazine on our Sponsored Features page, initially at the top of the page. This page is linked to from every page on our website.
  • Non-rotating banner adverts for your organisation at the top and bottom of the feature, linked to your organisation's website (optional)
  • One block graphic advert (maximum size 525 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall) included between the paragraphs of the feature (optional)
  • A news item will be published to alert readers that the sponsorship has taken place, the sponsorship will be featured in our next monthly newsletter, and a link to the sponsored feature will be published on our Twitter feed.

  • If the feature you choose is from our archive - ie it was published in Music & Vision Magazine between 1999 and 2018, then the sponsorship will include republication of this feature (with any existing illustrations, sound extracts or video clips) on the Classical Music Daily website, allowing everyone to read it.

To sponsor a feature now, please make your payment using the button below, not forgetting to supply the internet address of the article you wish to sponsor. If for some reason your choice of article isn't available, we will offer you a full refund, or you can choose another article.

We'll then get back to you and ask for your ad images, URLs etc.

Your sponsorship can be anonymous if you wish.


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