How to request that books, CDs, DVDs and other items
be reviewed in Classical Music Daily


You are invited to offer material to Classical Music Daily for review. During the Coronavirus pandemic we have significantly changed and simplified the way our reviewing process works, so please note carefully the conditions and other advice below.

Step 1: contact us by email with brief details of item(s) for review

At least once a month, we send a list of items available for review to our writers, who are based in various countries. You can see a sample list by selecting New Releases from the Latest menu above, and there's further information on this page. They will review CDs, physical, streamed or downloaded performances, and occasionally DVDs, books and other material. The first stage of the review process is for you to tell us about the items you are offering for review, so that these items can appear on this list. At this stage we don't need physical copy or downloads, but just brief information about each item - enough to allow each reviewer to decide whether or not they would like to write a review. If possible please keep this information very brief, and include a web link for further information. As a minimum, please provide the catalogue number, title and release date.

Step 2: Wait for us to contact you

If one of our contributors decides to review one of your items, we will contact you and ask for a review copy (or two tickets to physical performances). Normally this will be a download, because moving physical copy around the world is slow. If you don't hear from us, this probably means that no-one has selected your item or any of your items. Please bear in mind that our capacity is limited - we normally publish just one item each day, so please offer only a small number of items for review - not your whole catalogue.

Please don't send anything else to us unless we ask for a review copy. We do not pass on any other material, such as presentation packs, photos, press releases, catalogues, advertising material or promotional gifts, to our reviewers.

Classical Music Daily is an online magazine covering 'classical' music and contemporary classical music. We occasionally feature material from other genres - most often jazz or classical crossover - but the chance of non-classical material being reviewed is considerably lower.

Step 3: Wait for reviews. See updates

Each item that you've sent us for review has been specifically requested by one of our writers. At this stage it's highly likely that a review will appear in due course, but we cannot guarantee that a review will be published, or tell you when it might be published. Please note that we cannot enter into correspondence about whether material has been received, which contributors should review your items, when reviews will appear, or why particular items haven't been reviewed. Any physical material sent for review will not be returned.

Please note:

We illustrate all CD reviews with short audio extracts and all DVD reviews with short video clips. The media files for these clips will be stored locally on our server. We will not link to external services to provide media clips. If you prefer that we don't use extracts from your material, please do not send us CDs or DVDs.

Please do not send us any review material unless we ask for it. Please do not send review material directly to our contributors, or material requested directly by any of our contributors, or to postal addresses supplied by any of our contributors.



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