How to send books, CDs, DVDs and other items
to Classical Music Daily for review


You are invited to send material to Classical Music Daily for review, but please note carefully the conditions and other advice below :

If you are sending material from outside of the European Union, please do not send more than one book, two DVDs or three CDs per parcel, and please indicate that the contents are 'commercial samples' or 'gifts' on any customs forms. Parcels with postage or customs duties to pay will not be accepted.

Please send only the item(s) for review. We do not pass on any other material, such as presentation packs, photos, press releases, catalogues, advertising material or promotional gifts, to our reviewers.

Classical Music Daily does not accept purely 'promotional' material which is not on sale. To be eligible for review, items must be commercially available (or about to become commercially available) for purchase by our readers. Items should be 'new releases' - not material which has been available for some time.

Classical Music Daily is an online magazine covering 'classical' music and contemporary classical music. We occasionally feature material from other genres - most often jazz or classical crossover - but the chance of non-classical material being reviewed is considerably lower.

We attempt to review all relevant material received, but please note that our capacity is limited, and that it is not always possible to review everything. Please send only a small number of items for review - not your whole catalogue.

We cannot enter into correspondence about whether material has been received, which contributors should review your items, when reviews will appear, or why particular items haven't been reviewed. Material sent for review will not be returned.

We illustrate all CD reviews with short audio extracts and all DVD reviews with short video clips. The media files for these clips will be stored locally on our server. We will not link to external services to provide media clips. If you do not wish us to use extracts from your material, please do not send us CDs or DVDs.

We are not yet accepting digital downloads or streamed material for review.

Please do not send review material directly to our contributors. All material for review should be sent to Classical Music Daily.

Some labels and distributors deliberately damage items sent to review outlets, to try to prevent illegal onward sale of the material. Please note that we reserve the right to mention this damage in reviews and information pages about items received, since we cannot tell whether or not commercially available items are similarly damaged.

Postage should be prepaid. Please label your material 'for review'.

During the current period of Coronavirus uncertainty, please contact us before sending any parcels of material for review, and we will email you a postal address to which you can send material. Please do not send material requested directly by any of our contributors, or to postal addresses supplied by any of our contributors.



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