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Our next newsletter will be an edited recording of an online discussion on the subject of Improvisation in the classical world and beyond, possibly inspired by some of our articles on improvisation. The discussion will be chaired by John Dante Prevedini.

Please consider the following questions:

  • When should music be improvised and when should it be written down?
  • Which genres of music fit best with improvisatory techniques?
  • How does improvisation change with the number of simultaneous performers?
  • Can you provide good examples of musical improvisation?

Animals improvising

There will be time at the end of the session to discuss your general music news and projects.

All welcome. Please join us if you can. You can also pass on the link to this page to anyone else who you think might be interested in joining us. For this discussion, we would especially like to invite people experienced in various different musical genres.

The meeting will take place on Friday 19 April 2024 for one hour. The start time is shown below in various time zones:

08:00 PDTUS / Canada west coast
09:00 MDTUS / Canada mountain time
11:00 EDTUS / Canada east coast
15:00 UCT/GMTGreenland / Iceland
16:00 IST/BSTIreland / UK
17:00 CEST/SAST        Central Europe / South Africa
18:00 EESTEastern Europe
23:00 HKT/SGTHong Kong / Singapore
00:00 JSTJapan, Wednesday 24 April
01:00 AESTSydney, Australia, Wednesday 24 April

If you're unavailable at this time, it will also be possible to record a contribution from now until the end of Friday 26 April 2024, using the link below.

We'll use the Zoom online meeting software for this discussion, and this is the link to join the discussion:

Meeting ID: 882 9608 9882
Passcode: 503818

It's advisable to test the link beforehand to check that it works on your device.

You can join the meeting using audio only if you don't have a camera on your device or you prefer that your face doesn't appear on the published recording.

If you don't have a microphone on your device, you can join the meeting, watch and listen, and send us text-based messages during the meeting which we should be able to read out to everyone.

If none of the meeting times are suitable for you, you can record a message for us in advance of the meeting, using the Zoom link above, from now onwards. We can then play your message during the meeting, if you wish, and discuss what you say.

The discussion will be recorded, edited into a video podcast and published here on 1 May 2024. Before publication, we'll send everyone who took part a 'proof' video which they can comment on, in case anything occurs during the meeting that anyone would prefer not to be published.

After participants have seen the proof, it should also be possible to record further comments using the link above, which we can publish as part of the final video.

If you can't (or prefer not to) use Zoom, short comments that you send before and afterwards can also be recorded and sent using any standard audio or video file format, such as MP3 or MP4 etc, or (by prior arrangement) via WhatsApp.

The conversation will be in English. During the session, please keep your audio muted except when you're actually speaking, to avoid background sounds appearing in the final mix. Please don't use AI software to change the appearance of your face or to generate comments.

If you would like to join us, please contact us in advance, so that we can send you a reminder before the meeting starts.


See and hear our latest offerings by clicking on the links below. Some (marked in the list below with (MP4)) are complete discussion-style video podcasts, made collaboratively by various regular contributors and guests. They are recorded on Zoom, a few days before publication, and we try to vary the recording day and time from month to month, to attract participation from those in different time zones. Typically the edited videos are watched several thousand times during the month they're published. Others are PDF newsletters, usually summarising the previous month's daily content.

See and hear our latest offerings by clicking on these links:

Music Festivals in 2024 - Issue 180, April 2024 (PDF)

Classical Music and Politics - Issue 179, March 2024 (MP4)

From the deep end of darkness - Issue 178, February 2024 (PDF)

Twenty-five Years - Issue 177, January 2024 (MP4)


Time and Time Again - Issue 176, December 2023 (PDF)

Beautiful, Powerful Music - Issue 175, November 2023 (PDF)

Classical Music and Artificial Intelligence - Issue 174, October 2023 (MP4)

A Spiritual Journey - Issue 173, September 2023 (PDF)

The Creative Spark - Issue 172, August 2023 (MP4)

Kaija Saariaho - Issue 171, July 2023 (PDF)

More corn than gold? - Issue 170, June 2023 (PDF)

The Pursuit of Musick - Issue 169, May 2023 (PDF)

Climate Justice for Classical Music - Issue 168, 1 April 2023 (PDF)

Hilary Tann - Issue 167, March 2023 (PDF)

Towards the Unknown Region - Issue 166, February 2023 (PDF)

A New Look and Format - Issue 165, January 2023 (PDF)


The Birth of Chords - Issue 164, December 2022 (PDF)

Imaginary Folklores - Issue 163, November 2022 (PDF)

Classical music and visual disability - Issue 162, October 2022 (MP3)

Echoes of Oblivion - Issue 161, September 2022 (PDF)

Beauty to Entice the Ears - Issue 160, August 2022 (PDF)

Youth Involvement in Classical Music - Issue 159, July 2022 (MP4)

Women Composers - Issue 158, June 2022 (MP4)

Fascinatingly Elusive - Issue 157, May 2022 (PDF, beginning with Halida Dinova's review of Evgeny Kissin's April 2022 recital in Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

New Recordings - Issue 156, April 2022 (MP4)

Slava Ukraini! - Issue 155, March 2022 (MP4)


Bernard Haitink - Issue 154, November 2021 (MP4)

The Depths of the Singular - Issue 153, October 2021 (MP4)

Fall and Decline - Issue 152, September 2021 (PDF, 2.1Mb)

A Swedish Smorgasbord - Issue 151, August 2021 (PDF, 1.4Mb)

Louis Andriessen - Issue 150, July 2021 (PDF, 2.6Mb)

Defining Our Field - Issue 149, June 2021 (MP4)

Streaming, Downloads and CDs - Issue 148, May 2021 (MP4)

Ona Jarmalavičiūtė talks to American choral conductor Donald Nally, director of The Crossing - special video interview (MP4)

Creativity, Innovation and Re-invention - Issue 147, April 2021 (MP4)

Hang in there together - Issue 146, March 2021 (MP4)

Singing in cars? - Issue 145, February 2021 (MP4)

Upgrading to the Visual - Issue 144, January 2021 (MP4)


Experimentally, in December 2020, we made an audio only podcast instead of a PDF newsletter:

Seven Deadly Sins - Issue 143, December 2020 (MP3)


Previously, we published a more conventional text-based newsletter, summarising each month of article publication, most recently in a PDF format which ran from September 2013 until November 2020, with gradual changes throughout this period.

Time and Space - Issue 142, November 2020 (PDF, 2.6Mb)

Multiple Minds - Issue 141, October 2020 (PDF, 1.5Mb)

A Quiet Logic - Issue 140, September 2020 (PDF, 1.2Mb)

A Fresh Vision - Issue 139, August 2020 (PDF, 1.7Mb)

A Miracle in Ravenna - Issue 138, July 2020 (PDF, 6.7Mb)

The Art of Thinking - Issue 137, June 2020 (PDF, 2.6Mb)

Five Thoughts on Everything - Issue 136, May 2020 (PDF, 1.9Mb)

Schurmann and Penderecki - Issue 135, April 2020 (PDF, 6Mb)

Photographer's Insight - Issue 134, March 2020 (PDF, 2.6Mb)

Jakub Józef Orliński - Issue 133, February 2020 (PDF, 2.5Mb)

Pinchgut Opera's 'Farnace' - Issue 132, January 2020 (PDF, 3.9Mb)


A Spanish Nativity - Issue 131, December 2019 (PDF, 5.4Mb)

Jessye Norman - Issue 130, November 2019 (PDF, 1.8Mb)

Myths and Modernity - Issue 129, September 2019 (PDF, 1.1Mb)

Adrian Williams - Issue 128, August 2019 (PDF, 246kb)


No monthly newsletters were published during the period December 2018 until July 2019 whilst we developed the new website for


During the whole of 2017 and 2018, we published newsletters under the new title of Classical Music Daily, even though the title of the daily magazine at this time was still Music & Vision Magazine.


Very Joyous - Issue 127, November 2018 (PDF, 310kb)

Three Blind Mice - Issue 126, October 2018 (PDF, 1.1Mb)

An Immersive Experience - Issue 125, September 2018 (PDF, 638kb)

Schizophonia - Issue 124, August 2018 (PDF, 848kb)

Rozhdestvensky and Ramsey - Issue 123, July 2018 (PDF, 1.3Mb)

On Buoyant Form - Issue 122, June 2018 (PDF, 471kb)

Power and Agility - Issue 121, May 2018 (PDF, 586kb)

La petite mort - Issue 120, April 2018 (PDF, 968kb)

Magical Transformation - Issue 119, March 2018 (PDF, 600kb)

An English Requiem - Issue 118, February 2018 (PDF, 660kb)

Fabulously Tidal - Issue 117, January 2018 (PDF, 512kb)


A Sketch of Slow Time - Issue 116, December 2017 (PDF, 1.2Mb)

Set Your Heart on Books - Issue 115, November 2017 (PDF, 862kb)

Christ Recrucified - Issue 114, October 2017 (PDF, 780kb)

What it Means to be Human - Issue 113, September 2017 (PDF, 786kb)

Highly Stirring - Issue 112, August 2017 (PDF, 627kb)

Spotlight on Germany - Issue 111, July 2017 (PDF, 920kb)

Festivals and Summer Schools - Issue 110, June 2017 (PDF, 1.5Mb)

Something Rich and Strange - Issue 109, May 2017 (PDF, 1Mb)

A Precocious Gift - Issue 108, April 2017 (PDF, 582kb)

Mechanical Advantage - Issue 107, March 2017 (PDF, 599kb)

Tannhäuser in the Dark - Issue 106, February 2017 (PDF, 555kb)

A Fantastic Collection - Issue 105, January 2017 (PDF, 559kb)


Previous PDF newsletters were published under the old title of '[The] Music & Vision Classical Music Newsletter':

A view from the pit - Issue 104, December 2016 (PDF, 589kb)

Composers' Intentions? - Issue 103, November 2016 (PDF, 458kb)

Plenty of Surprises - Issue 102, October 2016 (PDF, 744kb)

Genuine Profundity - Issue 101, September 2016 (PDF, 597kb)

Summer Festivals and Opera - Issue 100, August 2016 (PDF, 1.5Mb)

Sonic Transparency - Issue 99, June 2016 (PDF, 684kb)

Fascinating Insights - Issue 98, May 2016 (PDF, 573kb)

Harnoncourt and Max - Issue 97, April 2016 (PDF, 668kb)

Art, Fire, Soul - Issue 96, March 2016 (PDF, 700kb)

Jaap van Zweden - Issue 95, February 2016 (PDF, 541kb)

Deceptive Simplicity - Issue 94, January 2016 (PDF, 692kb)


Delirious Joy - Issue 93, December 2015 (PDF, 619kb)

Woman for all Seasons - Issue 92, November 2015 (PDF, 710kb)

A Bloody Good Time - Issue 91, October 2015 (PDF, 711kb)

Originality of Thought - Issue 90, September 2015 (PDF, 652kb)

A Gift Horse - Issue 89, August 2015 (PDF, 650kb)

Kirill Petrenko - Issue 88, July 2015 (PDF, 912kb)

And the Bridge is Love - Issue 87, June 2015 (PDF, 483kb)

Seymour Bernstein - Issue 86, May 2015 (PDF, 500kb)

Box of Wonders - Issue 85, April 2015 (PDF, 378kb)

John McCabe - Issue 84, March 2015 (PDF, 523kb)

Aldo Ciccolini - Issue 83, February 2015 (PDF, 420kb)

Training Singers - Issue 82, January 2015 (PDF, 423kb)


On Angel Wings - Issue 81, December 2014 (PDF, 631kb)

Americans in the Emerald Isle - Issue 80, November 2014 (PDF, 590kb)

Christopher Hogwood - Issue 79, October 2014 (PDF, 504kb)

A Tremendous Creative Output - Issue 78, September 2014 (PDF, 406kb)

Moral Obligation - Issue 77, August 2014 (PDF, 410kb)

Judith Weir - Issue 76, July 2014 (PDF, 950kb)

Near Perfect - Issue 75, June 2014 (PDF, 397kb)

Patric Standford - Issue 74, May 2014 (PDF, 315kb)

Toughest Penance - Issue 73, April 2014 (PDF, 496kb)

A Beautiful Sad Fairy Tale - Issue 72, March 2014 (PDF, 492kb)

Songs of Olden Times - Issue 71, February 2014 (PDF, 754kb)

Requiem for the Living - Issue 70, January 2014 (PDF, 410kb)


Marching in the name of Music - Issue 69, December 2013 (PDF, 315kb)

Britten epicentre - Issue 68, November 2013 (PDF, 860kb)

Devilishly Sexy - Issue 67, October 2013 (PDF, 922kb)

Subliminal Messages - Issue 66, September 2013 (PDF, 393kb)


We began to develop PDF style newsletters in 2013. Previously, we had published newsletters in a shorter, plain text format, sent out directly by email. Many of these have been converted to PDF for inclusion here:


Higher Truth - Issue 65, August 2013 (PDF, 26kb)

Curlew River - Issue 64, July 2013 (PDF, 26kb)

War and Peace - Issue 63, May 2013 (PDF, 26kb)

Spring Moon - Issue 62, April 2013 (PDF, 26kb)


There was a gap of several years, from 2005 until 2013, when we continued to publish our daily content but produced no monthly newsletters.


Plain Song, Fantastic Dances - Issue 61, October 2005 (HTML)

Sanity to Insanity - Issue 60, May-September 2005 (PDF, 37kb)

Never a Dull Visual Moment - Issue 59, January-April 2005 (PDF, 41kb)


A Veritable Wonder - Issue 58, December 2004 (PDF, 31kb)

The Same or Not the Same? - Issue 57, June-November 2004 (PDF, 38kb)

Fifth Anniversary edition - Seeing Music Whole - Mellers at Ninety - Issue 56, January-May 2004 (PDF, 41kb)


Whirlwind of Activity - Issue 55, December 2003 (PDF, 30kb)

Both Angel and Devil - Issue 54, November 2003 (PDF, 33kb)


Our older newsletters are not yet available here, but another fifty-three older plain text newsletters were produced in the early days of the magazine.



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