Extracts from a dozen obscure twentieth century works ... can you guess the composers and the works?


Today, for your interest and enjoyment, and to make you think a bit, here's a little audio quiz based on the 2023 instalments only of Robert McCarney's Echoes of Oblivion series. Listen to a dozen short samples of obscure twentieth century works and tell us the composer and the name of the work in each case. Each work has been mentioned in one of the twenty-one episodes of Echoes of Oblivion published during the period January-May 2023.

If you've been following Robert's series and listening to the music he features each week, then this shouldn't be difficult, and of course it's not too late to read through these features now to look for clues. You can really narrow down the choices by deciding on the instrumentation, for example. Is each sample played on a piano, by a string quartet or by an orchestra, and does it use electronic or taped sounds? If a voice or voices sing, can you tell which language is being sung? These are all useful clues when reading through Robert's articles trying to decide what and who you might be listening to.

If you don't want to take part in the quiz, just listen to the twelve samples, which give some idea of the wide range of music covered in Robert's series.

The Oblivionopolis Quiz

Listen — Sample No 1:


Listen — Sample No 2:


Listen — Sample No 3:


Listen — Sample No 4:


Listen — Sample No 5:


Listen — Sample No 6:


Listen — Sample No 7:


Listen — Sample No 8:


Listen — Sample No 9:


Listen — Sample No 10:


Listen — Sample No 11:


Listen — Sample No 12:


Good luck! You can send your answers to us here.

The answers to the quiz can be found here.

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