David Arditti

David Arditti was born in Bournemouth UK on 1 July 1964, and now lives in North West  London. Trained in science and largely self-taught as a composer, he writes vocal, choral, orchestral and chamber music in a tonal idiom, influenced by the classics, the English romantic tradition, and twentieth century minimalism. His music has been performed in the UK, USA and Israel, and some is published. He also sings, accompanies and conducts, and has taken a particular interest in English nineteenth and early twentieth century music. He is also known as a writer and lecturer on astronomy. Further information at  davidarditti.co.uk

Articles by David Arditti

David Arditti attends a celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Percy Grainger

David Arditti at a different performance of 'L'Enfance du Christ'

David Arditti requests an alternative survey of composers. Includes a survey of best-loved composers.

David Arditti reviews a disc of music by Sullivan

Articles about David Arditti

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