Adrian Williams

English composer and pianist Adrian Williams was born in Hertfordshire in 1956, showed precocious talent as a pianist from the age of four, and studied at the Royal College of Music in London with Bernard Stevens, Alan Ridout and John Lill, winning a Leverhulme Scholarship. Later he won the Menuhin Prize for Composition.

During the 1980s he discovered his spiritual home in Welsh border country, founding the Presteigne Festival of Music and the Arts and becoming friends with Australian artist Sidney Nolan, leading to the creation of important works such as Images of a Mind for cello and piano, inspired by Nolan's 1986 self-portrait.

Other important connections have been with Robert Hollingworth and I Fagiolini, resulting in nine commissioned works, and with cellist Raphael Wallfisch, resulting in Williams' 2009 Cello Concerto, commissioned by the BBC.

Also important have been Candida Thompson and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, leading to the composition and performance of the beautiful and haunting Migrations for 22 solo strings (1998). Also in the Netherlands, Toonkunstkoor Utrecht commissioned the cantata The Idea of Peace for the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht.

Important collaborations with Poland resulted in the chamber work The Diminishing Minutes of Peace and a concerto for bassoon and string orchestra with percussion and harp, Spectrum, performed as part of a festival of the composer's music.

More recently, Williams' music has been discovered by American conductor Kenneth Woods, resulting in Williams' apppointment as John McCabe Composer-in-Association with the English Symphony Orchestra and in a Nimbus recording of Williams' Symphony No 1.

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Articles by Adrian Williams

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A Japanese notebook - some of it musical, with composer Adrian Williams

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