Leopold Stokowski

British conductor Leopold Stokowski was born in London on 18 April 1882 and studied at the Royal College of Music from the age of thirteen, and by sixteen he was a member of the Royal College of Organists. Later he studied at The Queen's College Oxford, and was also organist and choir director of St James's Church, Piccadilly in London.

His famous orchestral conducting career began when he became conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in 1909, but he made his official conducting debuts in Paris and London during the same year. He introduced the concept of 'pops concerts' in Cincinnati, to great success, but soon he moved on to the Philadelphia Orchestra and greater success.

He was known for his broad repertoire (including much contemporary music), grand theatrical gestures, experiments with lighting and 'free bowing' and 'free breathing' amongst his players. He also modified the orchestration of some of the works he conducted, to the annoyance of many music critics.

In his eighties, failing health caused him to concentrate on recordings rather than public performances. He died from a heart attack in Nether Wallop, Hampshire, UK on 13 September 1977, aged ninety-five, leaving many famous recordings.


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