Cold Blue Music

American record label Cold Blue Music was started by Jim Fox in the early 1980s, and released EPs and LPs of music by Daniel Lentz, Peter Garland, Chas Smith, James Tenney, Ingram Marshall, Harold Budd, Michael Byron, Michael Jon Fink, Rick Cox and others. By the time of its demise a few years later, it was recognised by many new music critics as a label with a unique focus. It has since re-emerged after a fifteen year hiatus, and now releases between three and six new CDs each year.

Cold Blue Music offers diverse strains of experimental and post experimental music, including electro-acoustic soundscapes and ensemble music reflecting minimalist, post minimalist and maximalist trends, as well as microtonal and ambient music, especially from composers with US West Coast or Pacific Rim connections.

A selection of articles about Cold Blue Music

CD Spotlight. Inscrutable Stillness - Music by Peter Garland impresses Anett Fodor. 'It was the first - but I am sure not the last - time that I had listened to Garland's music and for 34 minutes time stood still while I was listening to it.'

CD Spotlight. Unremarkable? - Music by Daniel Lentz, heard by Andrew Schartmann. 'Is the obvious pastiche element part of some profound artistic statement?'

CD Spotlight. Poignant Sounds - String quartets by Peter Garland, heard by Patric Standford. '... remote and apparently disengaged ...'

CD Spotlight. Subtle and Organic - Music by John Luther Adams, recommended by Malcolm Tattersall. '... vast silent landscapes ...'

CD Spotlight. A Tactile Rhetoric - 'Last Cicada Singing' by Christopher Roberts, contemplated by Malcolm Tattersall. '... gesture becomes music ...'