Lee Hoiby

'Composer and pianist Lee Hoiby was born on 17 February 1926. Not one of the avant-garde, he might be missed by those who believe art should offend first and ask questions later.

'Hoiby's music is traditional in melodic and harmonic aspects, but there is a deep vein of powerful emotion, sure craft and high inspiration. A master of the song form, it comes as no surprise that he studied with Gian Carlo Menotti and Samuel Barber. Lee Hoiby's settings of Whitman and Blake are ideal. A formidable pianist, he studied with Gunnar Johansen and Egon Petri. Lee Hoiby has written music in all genres, including numerous successful operas (that in itself is a potent statement), a scintillating piano concerto and many choral works. He is without question an American Master.' - Gordon Rumson

Lee Hoiby died in New York City on 28 March 2011, aged 85.

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