Joseph Haydn: Cello Concertos

Joseph Haydn: Cello Concertos

HMM 931816 (harmonia mundi, CD)

REISSUE (21 July 2023)

Playing time: 68'42"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 16
℗ 2004 harmonia mundi musique sas
© 2023 harmonia mundi musique sas
Main country of recording: Germany
Country of manufacture: Netherlands
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Joseph Haydn: Cello Concertos published on 12 July 2023

Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello
Freiburger Barockorchester
Petra Müllejans, director

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809):

Concerto for violoncello and orchestra, Hob VIIb:1 in C
1 Moderato
2 Adagio
3 Allegro molto

Concerto for violoncello and orchestra, Hob VIIb:2 in D
4 Allegro moderato
5 Adagio
6 Rondo. Allegro

Georg Matthias Monn (1717-1750):

Concerto for violoncello, strings and harpsichord in G minor
7 Allegro
8 Adagio
9 Allegro non tanto

In 2004, Jean-Guihen Queyras and the Freiburger Barockorchester offered us a prodigious interpretation of Haydn's two cello concertos, coupled with a rare concerto by Georg Matthias Monn, a pioneer of the genre - a version now recognised as a landmark in the discography.

Recorded in March 2003 at Teldex Studio Berlin, Germany.