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March 2023 Obituaries

Our summary of those the
classical music world has lost this month


Here are brief details of some of the people lost to the classical music world during March 2023. May they rest in peace.

English countertenor James Bowman died on 27 March 2023, aged eighty-one.

Canadian composer and teacher Jocelyn Morlock died in Vancouver on 27 March 2023, aged fifty-three.

English composer Christopher Gunning died on 25 March 2023, aged seventy-eight.

Ukrainian composer, pianist and musicologist Oleksandr Kozarenko died from COVID-19 in Ivano-Frankivsk on 21 March 2023, aged fifty-nine.

Romanian-born soprano and teacher Virginia Zeani died in Florida on 20 March 2023, aged ninety-seven.

Norwegian choral conductor Sverre Valen died on 18 March 2023, aged ninety-seven.

Czech composer, editor and teacher Marek Kopelent died in Prague on 12 March 2023, aged ninety.

Moldovan conductor, composer and teacher Serghei Ciuhrii died on 7 March 2023, aged eighty-four.

British conductor Kenneth Montgomery died in Amsterdam on 5 March 2023, aged seventy-nine.

British arts administrator Nicholas Snowman died on 2 March 2023, aged seventy-eight.

American composer, lecturer, pianist and opera coach Nicolas Reveles died from pancreatic cancer on 1 March 2023, aged seventy-four.

Posted 9 March 2023 and last updated 31 March 2023 by Keith Bramich



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