Jocelyn Morlock

Canadian composer and teacher Jocelyn Morlock was born in Saint Boniface on 14 December 1969. She studied at Brandon University with, amongst others, Gerhard Ginader and T Patrick Carrabré, and at the University of British Columbia with Stephen Chatman, Keith Hamel and Nikolai Korndorf, where she later taught for many years at the UBC School of Music.

She was inaugural composer-in-residence for Vancouver's Music on Main and, later, with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Her music is complex, eccentric, emotional, lyrical, quirky and post-modern in style.

She came to international attention with her quartet, Bird in the Tangled Sky, which was performed at the ISCM's 1999 World Music Days.

Another work, My Name is Amanda Todd, based on the Canadian victim of cyber-bullying, was commissioned and first performed by the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ontario.

Jocelyn Morlock died in Vancouver on 27 March 2023, aged fifty-three.