Joaquín Turina Pérez

Spanish composer Joaquín Turina Pérez was born in Seville on 9 December 1882. He studied in Seville, Madrid and then Paris, where his composition teacher was Vincent d'Indy and his piano teacher was Moritz Moszkowski.

Turina lived in Paris until 1914, where he became acquainted with Debussy and Ravel, and then returned to Madrid with his friend Manuel de Falla, where he worked as composer, critic and teacher.  He played in the first performance of the revised version of Falla'a El amor brujo and he travelled to Cuba to lecture in Havana.

His famous rapturous Danzas fantásticas, completed in 1919, were dedicated to his wife, Obdulia Garzón. His music, influenced by the traditional music of Andalucia, includes two operas, Margot (1914) and Jardín de Oriente (1923), La oración del torero (in versions for lute quartet, string quartet and string orchestra), and much chamber music, guitar pieces, piano works and songs.

Turina became professor of composition at the Madrid Royal Conservatory in 1931, and he died in Madrid, aged sixty-six, on 14 January 1949.


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