A selection of 'Charles Ives' articles

Ensemble. Wonderfully Airborne - Christina McMaster plays Debussy, McKenzie, Crawford Seeger, Ives and Beethoven, and impresses Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Fourteen People and a Dog - Brits in Rome, heard by Giuseppe Pennisi

Ensemble. Fierce Snarling - Sinfonia Viva's latest schools residency project, experienced by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. To the Glory of God - Giuseppe Pennisi visits the Sagra Musicale Umbra, celebrating old and new continents

Ensemble. Exciting Teamwork - Roderic Dunnett was in Worcester for the 2011 Three Choirs Festival

Ensemble. Illuminating the Spectrum - Contemporary music at Salzburg, heard by Giuseppe Pennisi

Timings - Breaking Moulds: 1910, by Jennifer Paull

Ensemble. A Remarkable Event - Paul Sarcich visits the West Cork Chamber Music Festival

Ensemble. Tonal Luxuriance - Lawrence Budmen reports from Tanglewood 2009

Balancing Act - Beethoven in E flat, with Julian Jacobson and friends

Cumulative Weight - Mike Wheeler listens to Peter Williams at the organ of Derby Cathedral

A Useful Survey - Thomas May's 'The John Adams Reader', reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Record Box. Superb Performances - Ursula Oppens plays Elliott Carter, celebrated by Patric Standford

Record Box. Powerful and Original - Music by Ives, orchestrated by Brant, and heard by Robert Anderson

CD Spotlight. Protean Methuselah - Music by Henry Brant, investigated by Malcolm Tattersall. 'Most of us like to put composers in pigeon-holes but Brant is too big for that.'

Record Box. Curious and Evocative - Quarter-tone keyboard music played by Joshua Pierce, reviewed by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Unsettling - Microtonal music by Monroe Golden, reviewed by Ron Bierman. '... the overall effect is somehow stranger than the parts ...'

Ensemble. Conservative or Progressive? - Malcolm Miller attends the historic modern revival of Striggio's sixty-part Mass

Appropriate Temperament - Gordon Rumson replies to Patric Standford's article on keys and the decline of tonality

Ensemble. Energy and Style - A concert by the Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia, reviewed by Lawrence Budmen

Provocations - Alistair Hinton and Chad Wozniak discuss Patric Standford's recent 'Provocative Thoughts'

Record box. Impressive performances - A 20th century recital by the Westminster Choir, recommended by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Time travel - Charles Ives died fifty years ago today, and a CD released to mark the occasion is appreciated by David Wilkins. '... a recording destined for benchmark authority.'

CD Spotlight. A brave pianist - Music by Charles Ives played by Philip Mead, reviewed by Peter Dickinson. '... Mead's technique is consistently impressive.'

Record box - Piano sonorities. Basil Ramsey hears American piano music.

Ives and the Establishment - Jennifer Paull compares the American visionary composer with Spanish architech Antonio Gaudí (continued from last week)

Ives and the Establishment - Jennifer Paull compares the American visionary composer with Spanish architech Antonio Gaudí