classical crossover

Classical crossover music is a genre which refers to collaborations between classical performers and those from other genres, and also to classical music that has become popularised, and to popular music performed by classical artists or in a classical style.


A selection of articles about classical crossover

Ensemble. Radically New for Western Audiences - Adam J Sacks reports from the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Classical music news - A Bridge Between Genres - Beethovenfest Bonn features the first appearance of Israeli-American conductor Yoel Gamzou's new kind of orchestra, bridging genres and playing 50% first performances

Ensemble. A Crash Between Worlds - Adam J Sacks describes something entirely new, combining Brahms and Radiohead

Ensemble. An Interesting Contamination of Genres - Giuseppe Pennisi reports from the first Italian performance of 'The Passion according to St Mark' by contemporary Polish composer Paweł Mykietyn

CD Spotlight. A Tango Like You've Never Heard Before - Ona Jarmalavičiūtė listens to music by Kuljit Bhamra and Davide Giovannini. '... always colorful, never boring, even though at times overflowing with impressions.'

CD Spotlight. Masterly Setting - Paul Sarcich listens to traditional Croatian song plus jazz-rock inflected arrangements. 'The recording of the women is very clear and detailed, the big band has some balance problems ...'

Classical music news. Christmas Carols with Libera - South London boys' choir Libera releases its Christmas album

Classical music news. Argument for Strings - British artist Dan Michaelson's 'first work for string quartet' also contains parts for piano and bell

Classical music news. The Month of June - A new painting by Jeromyah Jones honours American singer June E Townes, founder of 'Gospera'

CD Spotlight. Woolly Publicity - The Flemish septet Aranis, heard by the late Howard Smith. 'There's no doubting Aranis' outright professionalism and faultless ensemble; and the fifty-five minute programme has a degree of variety.'

Ensemble. White Hot Intensity - Renée Fleming and the Russian National Orchestra at the Festival of the Arts Boca 2010, reviewed by Lawrence Budmen

CD Spotlight. Difficult to Classify - Performances by the Ethos Percussion Group, recommended by Ron Bierman. '... performing excellence ...'

CD Spotlight. Easy Listening - Christina Linhardt's 'Voodoo Princess', reviewed by K C Devereaux. 'The only voodoo conjured here is the dread spectre of "Smooth Jazz".'

CD Spotlight. A Mixed Bag - Boston String Quartet's 'Xibus', reviewed by Howard Smith. 'What all this signifies is not at all clear.'

CD Spotlight. Specific Qualities - Michael Hoppé's Requiem, reviewed by Robert Hugill. '... a talented melodist ...'

Ensemble. Requiem in Blue - Rex Harley was at Harvey Brough's 50th birthday concert

CD Spotlight. Individuality and Variety - Groove-oriented chamber music by Gernot Wolfgang, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... highly professional performances ...'

Ensemble. Energy and Commitment - A concert by Liza Grossman and Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra, reviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Record box. Delightful pieces - 'Tales of a Summer Past' by Nick Davis, reviewed by Robert Hugill

CD Spotlight. Passion for Bach - Dominic Miller's 'Shapes', reviewed by Tess Crebbin. '... he is a genius.'

Ensemble. Effervescent clarinet - Lawrence Budmen listens to Richard Stoltzman in a crossover programme