Scott Butterly

Scott Butterly has always been interested in music and the art of performance. When he was eight, he took an interest in choirs and as such decided to join his school choir in which the music teacher encouraged him to audition for Derby Cathedral Choir. Since passing his audition he has been under the direction and inspiration of Peter Gould, formerly master of the music at Derby Cathedral, Hugh Morris, who is now director of the Royal School of Church Music and Alexander Binns, the current master of the music at Derby Cathedral.

Scott spent much of his childhood in the art of performance by being involved with drama performances, poetry festivals and of course choral music and as such he is very passionate about encouraging other young people to become involved with and seek the benefits of classical music.

He has performed with cathedral choirs across England and sung with the likes of The Sixteen and Jethro Tull and to members of the Royal Family. He has a passion for Bach and Handel and has recently been very engaged with listening to various opera performances in his spare time.

He is hoping to go to university to either study English or Journalism, both of which would provide him with an opportunity to explore his interests in writing and Anglican church music further.


Articles by Scott Butterly

Scott Butterly, who has grown up in the Anglican choral tradition, argues that choirs, in any form, allow young people to fully gain the benefits of classical music