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December 2023 Obituaries

Our summary of those the
classical music world has lost this month


Here are brief details of some of the people lost to the classical music world during December 2023. May they rest in peace. Please follow the links on each name for further information.

American arranger, composer, conductor and teacher Alice Parker died at her home in Hawley, Massachusetts on 24 December 2023, aged ninety-eight.

Gunther Emmerlich (1944-2023)
Gunther Emmerlich (1944-2023)

German bass, TV presenter and banjo player Gunther Emmerlich died in Dresden on 19 December 2023, aged seventy-nine.

Russian ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher Valery Lagunov died on 18 December 2023, aged eighty-one.

American conductor Roger McMurrin, who set up an orchestra in Kyiv, died in Lebanon, Ohio on 13 December 2023, aged eighty-four.

British opera company administrator Richard Gaddes, who had a successful career in the USA, died in New York City on 12 December 2023, aged eighty-one.

Belarusian ballerina Ludmila Brzhazouskaya died in Minsk on 6 December 2023, aged seventy-seven.

German conductor, manager and teacher Klaus Bernbacher died on 3 December 2023, aged ninety-two.

Georgian soprano Medea Amiranashvili died on 2 December 2023, aged ninety-three.

Pakistani classical singer Badar uz Zaman died in Lahore on 1 December 2023, aged eighty-three.

Posted 20 December 2023 and last updated 1 February 2024
by Keith Bramich



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