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Bruckner Year 2024

Celebrating Anton Bruckner's two-hundredth birthday


2024 is Bruckner year, as the classical music world celebrates Anton Bruckner's two-hundredth birthday on 4 September.

During the Bruckner year 2024, St Florian Abbey, where Bruckner was laid to rest, with its famous organ and St Florianer Boys' Choir, will move into the focus of the international Bruckner fan community.

The intermission film during this year's Vienna Philharmonic New Year Day's concert marks a special beginning to the Bruckner festivities. In the film, two Florian choir boys lead an audience of millions through all the Bruckner memorial sites, and the choir performs the Locus iste, one of Bruckner's most famous choral works.

This title is already available digitally alongside the song Ave Maria with countertenor Alois Mühlbacher and the collegiate organist Klaus Sonnleitner. At the end of November, Alois Mühlbacher became director of the Baroque Festival in St Pölten

There's further information about the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Day concert, which will be broadcast live in many countries, at

Further information about the St Florianer Boys' Choir can be found at

There's more information about the St Pölten baroque festival at

Painting of Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) by Austrian painter Josef Büche (1848-1917)
Painting of Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) by
Austrian painter Josef Büche (1848-1917)

Posted 31 December 2023 by Keith Bramich



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