A selection of 'Kirk Trevor' articles

CD Spotlight. Very Pleasing - J S Bach, Haydn and Mendelssohn keyboard concertos, heard by Geoff Pearce. '... beautifully played ...'

CD Spotlight. Unabashedly Romantic - Orchestral music by Lee Actor, heard by Ron Bierman. 'Neoromantics should give this one a try.'

CD Spotlight. Very Practical - Hindemith music for clarinet, appreciated by Robert Anderson. 'Richard Stoltzman has every opportunity to display his outstanding technique ...'

CD Spotlight. An Awkward Mix - Contemporary music for strings, heard by Andrew Schartmann. '... Burwasser sets himself apart from the others with music that exhibits a strong sense of form and proportion ...'

CD Spotlight. Gentle and Lyrical - Symphonies by James Cohn, heard by Patric Standford. '... persuasive championship of new music ...'

CD Spotlight. Unabashedly Melodic - Orchestral music by A Paul Johnson, recommended by Ron Bierman. '... performances that range from good to strong.'

CD Spotlight. Especially Satisfying - Music by Lee Actor, strongly recommended by Ron Bierman. '... an outstanding release.'

CD Spotlight. Appealingly Straightforward - Music by Barbara Harbach, warmly recommended by Ron Bierman. '... a worthwhile introduction to a valuable contemporary composer ...'

CD Spotlight. Glittering Technique - Music by Gershwin for piano and orchestra, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... commendable drive and clarity.'

Record Box. Craftsmanship and Spirit - Symphonies by James Cohn, heard by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Fire and Magic - Richard Stoltzman's 'Phoenix in Flight', recommended by Malcolm Tattersall. '... meltingly beautiful ...'

Record Box. A Crowd Pleaser - Concertos and a symphony by Lee Actor, heard by Ron Bierman

Record Box. Sympathetic Readings - Orchestral music by Barbara Harbach, reviewed by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Expert Orchestration - Music by Lee Actor, reviewed by Ron Bierman. 'Strongly recommended.'

Record Box. Enterprising Recordings - Music for piano and orchestra, reviewed by Patric Standford

Record Box. Pleasant Sounds - Music by Karen Amrhein, reviewed by Patric Standford

Record box. Grandeur and Impulsiveness - Joshua Pierce's recording of Brahms' second piano concerto, reviewed by Alice McVeigh

CD Spotlight. Threads - Music by Carson Cooman, considered by Patric Standford. '... an ecstatic all American sound ...'

Site seeing - Catching up on some classical music websites, with Keith Bramich

Site seeing. Boulez destroyed ... but is it art? - Keith Bramich takes a fresh look at the world of classical music online

Record box. Unashamedly romantic - Keith Bramich listens to 'Yellowstone' for violin and orchestra by Jett Hitt

CD Spotlight. A significant release - Orchestral music by Dan Locklair, investigated by Carson Cooman. '... the performances are solid and zestful.'