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The Compleat Busoni and other delights

A book launch, first performance and signing will take place this month in Canberra, Australia


Larry Sitsky, professor emeritus at The Australian National University, is an internationally known composer, pianist, scholar and teacher. He was a founder member of the Canberra School of Music, and his Australian-Chinese-Russian heritage puts him in a unique position as a composer and pianist. His books are fundamental reference works on subjects such as Australian piano music, the twentieth-century avant-garde, the piano music of Anton Rubinstein, the early twentieth-century Russian avant-garde and the classical reproducing piano roll.

Larry Sitsky
Larry Sitsky

The Compleat Busoni is the result of Sitsky's lifelong focus on the Italian composer Ferruccio Busoni. Over three volumes, Sitsky surveys Busoni's vast output, provides an ending to the unfinished opera Doktor Faust, and presents definitive realisations of the Fantasia Contrappuntistica in two-piano and orchestral versions. New insights into Busoni's style and aesthetics are an integral aspect of this work.

Larry Sitsky: 'The Compleat Busoni', Volume 1. ANU Press Music 2023. ISBN 9781760465933 (print), 9781760465940 (online)
Larry Sitsky: The Compleat Busoni, Volume 1.
© 2023 ANU Press Music.
ISBN 9781760465933 (print), 9781760465940 (online)

Larry Sitsky is delighted to announce the launch of The Compleat Busoni on 21 September 2023, 7-9pm at the Australian National University's School of Music in Canberra, Australia. Volume 1 will be on sale, and Volumes 2 and 3, which will be available a few weeks later, can be pre-ordered.

The event will also include the first performance of Sitsky's new work for piano, The Apocryphon of Initiation performed by Sitsky's talented ex-pupil Edward Neeman. This will be a first performance unlike any other, as the score of the new work will be available at a special low price, enabling attendees to follow the performance. Also, Neeman and Sitsky will be on hand to autograph scores, and Neeman's CD of the work will also be available to purchase.

It is thought that The Compleat Busoni, like many of Larry Sitsky's other books, will become a standard reference work.

To attend the event, please ring the Canberra School of Music to reserve a place, on +61 2 6125 5700 or use this link. You can buy the book here.

Posted 12 September 2023 by Keith Bramich



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