NMC Recordings

NMC Recordings, with its famous blue sheep logo, was founded in 1988 with funding from the Holst Foundation and assistance from the Society for the Promotion of New Music. It is a UK registered charity dedicated to promoting and preserving Britain's musical heritage. It relies on the support of those who are passionate about making the best of today's British classical music available at the highest artistic and technical standards, to international audiences, permanently.

While the company's guiding principal has always been the recording of music by living British composers, in 1996 an Archive Series was established to release earlier recordings of historic interest, such as Britten's Les Illuminations and Sinfonia da Requiem recorded in 1941. The Elgar / Anthony Payne Symphony No 3 has become NMC's best selling recording.

In 2003 NMC, which has always had a policy of non-deletion, launched Ancora, a mid-price series of British contemporary recordings reissued from labels including Collins Classics and Unicorn-Kanchana, and supported by Arts Council England.

Further information at www.nmcrec.co.uk

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