Wagner: Tristan und Isolde

Tristan und Isolde is a three act music drama written between 1857 and 1859, with words and music by Richard Wagner. The composer's libretto in German is based largely on Gottfried von Strassburg's romance, but also inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer's philosophy and the composer's affair with Mathilde Wesendonck.

Hans von Bülow conducted the first performance in Munich on 10 June 1865. This work (and its tonality) was to be hugely influential on later composers. It begins with the famous 'Tristan chord', full of longing, and unlike anything which had come before.

Irish princess Isolde had healed the wounded and disguised knight from Brittany, Tristan. On realising that Tristan was the murderer of her fiance, Morold, she had attempted to stab him with his own sword in revenge, but when he had looked into her eyes, she had been unable to kill him.

The drama begins with Isolde and her maid Brangäne on Tristan's ship, bound for Cornwall, where Tristan has promised Isolde as King Marke's new bride. The furious Isolde challenges Tristan to drink a potion to atone for his wrongdoings. She orders Brangäne to serve a death potion, which Tristan and Isolde both drink, but Brangäne has disobeyed the order, and Tristan and Isolde both unknowingly drink a love potion, falling helplessly in love with one another.

On arrival in Cornwall, Tristan and Isolde begin a secret nocturnal love life, but Tristan's friend Melot betrays him, and summons King Marke to discover the treachery. Melot stabs and wounds Tristan, and Tristan's friend Kurwenal takes Tristan home to Brittany to recover. Isolde arrives in Brittany, but Tristan dies in her arms. Meanwhile Brangäne has told King Marke about the switched potion, and with Melot and armed guards, they sail to Brittany so that King Marke can forgive the lovers. Kurwenal, misunderstanding the reason for their visit, begins to fight Melot, and they are both killed. Isolde sings the famous Liebestod, dying alongside Tristan.


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