En estil popular

En estil popular

IBS152022 (IBS Classical, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (3 February 2023)
Tracks: 13
Booklet pages: 24
℗ 2022 IBS Artist
© 2022 IBS Artist
Main country of recording: Spain
Reviewer: Paul Sarcich
Review of En estil popular published on 7 March 2023

Joan Enric Lluna, conductor

Manuel Palau Boix ('Han') (1893-1967) / Daniel Blanco:

Suite en estil popular
1 Allegro non troppo
2 Scherzo, molt animat
3 Cançó
4 Final

Salvador Giner (1832-1911) / Daniel Blanco:

5 Capricho instrumental

Tomás Bretón (1850-1923) / Miquel Ortega:

Fantasía sobre La verbena de la Paloma
6 Allegro animato
7 Tempo lento de Habanera
8 Tempo di vals moderato
9 Rondó

François Couperin (1668-1733) / César Cano:

La Bondissante et La Couperin
10 La Bondissante
11 La Couperin
12 La Bondissante

Vicent Martin i Soler (1754-1806) / Johan Nepomuk Wendt (1745-1801):

13 Una cosa rara (Finale)

This CD presents arrangements commissioned by the Moonwinds group (with the obvious exception of Una cosa rara), in continuation of the Harmoniemusik tradition, with the aim of expanding the Spanish, and specifically Valencian, wind ensemble repertoire. The title, En estil popular (In the popular style) has been taken from what might be considered the central work of the recording, which Moonwinds have called Suite en estil popular, based on the string quartet Quartet en estil popular by the great composer Manuel Palau. The version for wind instruments brings a new dimension to the work, which is why Moonwinds wanted to differentiate it from its original title, labelling it a 'Suite' rather than a 'Quartet'.

Recorded 18-20 July 2022 at Auditorio de Rafelbunyol, Valencia, Spain.