Paul Sarcich

Born in Wellington, New Zealand on 18 September 1951, Paul Sarcich began his music career as a percussionist in military bands before progressing to orchestral and freelance work.

He is largely self-taught as a composer, although he has studied with Leonard Salzedo in the UK. His music is noted for its rhythmic and dramatic flair, and his output particularly reflects his performance background in percussion, brass and voice, together with his ability at orchestration.

He has also worked in the areas of vocal study and performance, conducting, adjudicating, concert direction, music journalism, publishing, CD production and teaching.

His work Matters Arising for multisaxophone soloist and three quintets won the Best Composition by an Australian Composer Award in the 1998 Sounds Australian Awards.



Articles by Paul Sarcich

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Spanish song, familiar and unfamiliar. 'High quality work all round.'

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Roger Argente's Superbrass. '... one almost gets the smell of Renaissance Spain.'

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Operatic bass arias sung by William Powers. '... a formidable mixture of operatic styles ...'

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Steven Schick's 'The Percussionist's Art'

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