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The Richter Scale Premixes

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Heresy Records is proud to announce the 6 January 2023 release of The Richter Scale Premixes. The Premixes are electronic remixes of movements from German composer Boris Bergmann's upcoming recording of The Richter Scale. The Premixes were created by Berlin techno producer Khan of Finland together with Bergmann and pianist Ji Liu. Recorded during the pandemic, these electronic orchestrations offer a unique take on The Richter Scale, which will itself be released by Heresy Records on 3 February 2023.

The Richter Scale Premixes. © 2023 Heresy Records

The Richter Scale Premixes is the first of three releases from The Richter Project, centred on the upcoming recording of Boris Bergmann's The Richter Scale, an hour long contemporary classical piano composition performed by Steinway artist Ji Liu. The Richter Scale is a virtuosic piece comprised of eleven movements and performed by Ji on the Steinway Spirio/r, the world's most advanced player piano. The Richter Scale features several movements composed for four hands. These movements are performed and programmed by Ji who plays with and against himself in a stunning colloquy between man and machine.

The Richter Scale is a programmatic composition that engages with the theme of subterranean seismic eruption as a broader reflection of cultural, political, social, medical and emotional states of trauma, upheaval and resolution. The Richter Scale will be released by Heresy Records on 3 February 2023.

The Richter Scale Premixes (a four-track EP) and The Richter Scale Remixes (a four-track EP, to be released by Heresy Records in April 2023) are collaborations between composer Boris Bergmann, pianist Ji Liu and techno musician/producer, Khan of Finland. The Premixes are techno electronic reorchestrations of movements from Bergmann's piano composition, The Richter Scale.

During the pandemic lockdown it was not possible to record The Richter Scale in a studio nor on the Spirio/r player piano. Therefore Khan, Boris and Ji worked together remotely to create the Premixes. Ji recorded some of the two-handed movements - and the four-handed movements - from The Richter Scale in his home in London and sent them to Khan, who created remixes of these movements. Since these 'remixes' were created prior to the official recording of The Richter Scale (which is the source material), they were titled Premixes - in other words - they are remixes that were created before the tracks they were remixed from were officially recorded.

While retaining the elemental essence of the original piano composition, The Richter Scale, the Premixes add an entirely new sonic dimension to the original piano movements fusing them with elements of elegiac ambience, plangent and driving percussion and a plethora of other electronic sounds and moods.

The team for Heresy Records' release of The Richter Scale Premixes EP is comprised of highly respected artists in their field, including producer Khan of Finland, composer Boris Bergmann, pianist Ji Liu and executive producer Eric Fraad.

Posted 6 January 2023 by Helene Kamioner



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