Adrian Rumson

Adrian Rumson (born 2000) is a Canadian composer and tuba player from Calgary, Alberta. He began his composing career during his secondary education and instantly fell in love with the art.

He has written works for everything ranging from massive orchestras to small chamber groups and is currently working on his fifth symphony. His music is sometimes inspired by the likes of Beethoven but more often by the late romantic and early twentieth century composers such as Gustav Mahler, Gustav Holst, Carl Nielsen, Béla Bartók and Havergal Brian.

Rumson has also performed the music of fellow contemporary composers such as Michael Kieran Harvey and Endre Anaru, and has played in wind bands and as principal tuba in the Dalhousie Symphony Orchestra. His work has been conducted by renowned conductor and trumpeter Gareth Jones. He is currently studying chemistry at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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