Ravel-Mussorgsky - Les Siècles - François-Xavier Roth

Ravel-Mussorgsky - Les Siècles - François-Xavier Roth

HMM 905282 (harmonia mundi, CD)


Playing time: 44'15"
Tracks: 16
Booklet pages: 28
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Main country of recording: FR
Country of manufacture: EU
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Ravel-Mussorgsky - Les Siècles - François-Xavier Roth published on 25 May 2020

Listen: Ravel: La Valse (track 16, 7:54-8:52)

Les Siècles
François-Xavier Roth, conductor

Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881), orchestrated by Maurice Ravel:

Pictures at an Exhibition
1 Promenade
2 Gnomus
3 Promenade
4 Il vecchio castello
5 Promenade
6 Tuileries
7 Bydlo
8 Promenade
9 Ballet of the unhatched chicks
10 Samuel Goldberg and Schmuÿle
11 The marketplace in Limoges
12 Catacombæ
13 Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
14 The hut on fowl's legs - Baba Yaga
15 The great gate of Kiev

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937):

16 La Valse

Recorded on period instruments in November 2019 in the Philharmonie de Paris, Paris, France



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