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Frutillar Music Weeks

The Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Copiapó
gives a spectacular concert at Chile's
most important classical music event


The Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Copiapó has just performed at the most important classical music encounter in Chile and one of the most important in Latin America, the Frutillar Music Weeks. The fifty-second version was held between 27 January and 5 February 2020. It is considered a major event in the 38 years of formation of the orchestra that has the support of Marcos López, Mayor of the City of Copiapó and the Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Heritage. Undoubtedly, this presentation will transform the cultural landscape of the north of the country, in particular the Atacama Region.

Teatro del Lago in Frutillar, Chile
Teatro del Lago in Frutillar, Chile

Since the arrival of the young cultural manager Pablo Ferrera three years ago, who assumed the executive direction, and Paulo Macías, artistic director and principal conductor, in addition to the cooperation of Carlos Ulloa, producer of the Atacama Cultural Center - home of the OSMC - they have established clear artistic goals for the orchestra, resulting in an increase of the technical level, an improvement of the sound that they were looking for, and repertoire of greater artistic solidity, including works and contemporary pieces of national authors, which has been much appreciated by the audience that fills the Atacama Cultural Center's theater in each presentation.

The Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Copiapó at Frutillar Music Weeks
The Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Copiapó at Frutillar Music Weeks

In the spectacular Teatro del Lago of Frutillar, the orchestra conducted by maestro Paulo Macías, performed a striking, strong and colorful opening with Desiertos de Alicanto (Alicanto's Desert) by the young Chilean composer Manuel Bustamante. The piece refreshes the memory about the most arid desert in the world, where paradoxically flowers can grow and of Alicanto, a mythological bird of the Atacama Desert, a bird of magical beauty that has large metallic-colored wings and feeds itself with precious metals. In this piece, the orchestra performed subtle and powerful percussion sounds, together with the brightness of the wind section and the precise mixture of the strings section, achieving a beautiful sound full of furious energy and spectacular drama that was enjoyed and acclaimed by the crowd that filled the theater.

It was followed by Serenade of the English composer Edward Elgar - who uses only the string section – it was performed with an exquisite and balanced melodic flight full of emotions and a convincing interpretation that caught the attention of the audience.

A perfect ending was needed to conclude the concert: that's when the orchestra collaborated with the talented Chilean pianist Danor Quinteros, one of the best of his generation, presenting a masterpiece: the Concerto No 5, 'Emperor' of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Danor Quinteros playing Beethoven's 'Emperor' Concerto with Paulo Macías and The Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Copiapó at Frutillar Music Weeks
Danor Quinteros playing Beethoven's Emperor Concerto with Paulo Macías and The Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Copiapó at Frutillar Music Weeks

The extraordinary capacity of the soloist was precise from beginning to end, and the orchestra lived up to the most monumental piano and orchestra works in the repertoire. There was total ovation for this splendid debut that honors the cultural life of Copiapó, while denoting a promising new future and beautiful surprises for the coming seasons.

Posted 16 February 2020 by Carlos Ulloa Abarzúa




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