Beneath the Tide - A Collection of Concertos

Beneath the Tide - A Collection of Concertos

NV6216 (Navona Records, CD)


Playing time: [64'11"]
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 0
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Main country of recording: HR
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Beneath the Tide - A Collection of Concertos published on 15 May 2019

Bruno Philipp, clarinet
Mojca Ramuscak, violin
Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues, guitar
Goran Koncar, violin
Charlene Farrugia, piano
Croatian Chamber Orchestra
Miran Vaupotic, conductor

Michael G Cunningham:

Clarinet Concerto, Op 186
1 Dithyramb
2 Lithe
3 Charivari

Rain Worthington:

4 In Passages for violin soloist and string orchestra

Ssu-Yu Huang:

5 Guitar Concerto No 1 'Remembrance of Hometown'

Bruce Reiprich:

6 Lullaby

Beth Mehocic:

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
7 Moderato
8 Lento
9 Allegretto

Recorded 14 October 2017 (Clarinet Concerto) and 15 October 2017 (In Passages) at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia, and 1 July 2018 (Guitar Concerto and Lullaby) and 3 July 2018 (Piano Concerto) at Studio Bajsic HRT, Zagreb, Croatia.