Mitsuko Uchida

Japanese-born pianist Mitsuko Uchida was born in Atami on 20 December 1948, to diplomat parents. She began studies at the Vienna Academy of Music aged twelve, with Richard Hauser, Wilhelm Kempff and Stefan Askenase, when her father became Japanese ambassador to Austria. She remained in Vienna when her father transferred back to Japan, winning first prize in the Beethoven Competition there in 1969, second prize in the International Chopin Piano Competition in 1970 and second prize in the Leeds Piano Competition in 1975.

She has recorded all of Mozart's piano concerti with the English Chamber Orchestra and Jeffrey Tate, and has won awards for her recordings of Mozart sonatas, Debussy Etudes and Schoenberg Piano Concerto.

Uchida lives in London, and was honoured with the Royal Philharmonic Society's Gold Medal in 2012.

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