Johann Simon Mayr

German composer Johann Simon Mayr was born at Mendorf in Bavaria on 14 June 1763. He studied theology at Universität Ingolstadt, where he became influenced by the French Enlightenment, and then in Italy. He studied music with Carlo Lenzi and Ferdinando Bertoni.

From 1802 he followed Carlo Lenzi as maestro di cappella at the Duomo di Bergamo, a position he held for the rest of his life, becoming important in the musical life of the city, and teaching Gaetano Donizetti.

Simon Mayr, known in Italy as Giovanni (Simone Mayr) died in Bergamo on 2 December 1845, aged eighty-two, having gone blind at the end of his life.

His compositions, including nearly seventy operas, were rarely performed until German organist Franz Hauk was instrumental in Mayr's rediscovery, taking over the management of the Simon-Mayr-Gesellschaft.

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