Anand Modak

Indian Marathi film composer and music director Anand Modak was born in Akola on 13 May 1951. His mother was a singer, and he studied at Sir Parshurambhau College in Pune, Maharashtra, where he came across experimental theatre directors such as Jabbar Patel and Satish Alekar.

He began his career in 1972, assisting Bhaskar Chandavarkar, and began making his own compositions for theatre in 1974. His theatre work led to compositions for radio, TV and Marathi cinema. His experimental style used few instruments, and received both popular and critical acclaim.

In the 1980s and 90s he worked in devotional music, as part of a prolific group in Pune which also included Rajeev Paranjape, Chandrakant Kale and Madhuri Purandare.

Anand Modak died in Pune on 22 May 2014, aged sixty-three, following a heart attack.



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