Philip Glass

American composer and pianist Philip Glass was born in Baltimore, Maryland on 31 January 1937 into a family of Lithuanian Jewish emigrants. His father owned a record store and Philip Glass was exposed to modern music and sounds from an early age. As a child he studied flute. He then took mathematics and philosophy at Chicago University. He visited Paris and was impressed by Jean Cocteau's films and by the bohemian life there. He studied keyboard and composition at Juilliard with fellow students Steve Reich and Peter Schickele. He won a 1959 BMI Student Composer Award, and studied with Darius Milhaud at Aspen in 1960.

On a Fulbright Scholarship, he studied in Paris with Nadia Boulanger (1964-66) and ackowledges that this made a profound influence on his work.

Moving away from the modernist music of Boulez and Stockhausen, he developed his own 'music with repetitive structures' which others have described as minimalism, and founded the Philip Glass Ensemble, which he performs with on keyboards.  He has become one of the main influencers of late twentieth century music.


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