Enrique Granados

Spanish composer and pianist Enrique Granados was born in Lleida on 27 July 1867 and studied piano in Barcelona with Francisco Jurnet and Joan Baptista Pujol, and then privately in Paris with Charles-Wilfrid de Bériot, who encouraged the young composer's improvisation at the keyboard. In Paris he also studied composition with Felip Pedrell, and whilst there, learnt all he needed for his future career.

Back in Barcelona, his first success was with the opera Maria del Carmen (1898), and soon afterwards came his popular piano suite Goyescas, from which he later produced an operatic version. He also created the Granados Academy, to teach piano in the Bériot style.

The staged version of Goyescas was moved from Paris to New York, due to World War I, and Granados arrived in New York in December 1915. The staging was not specially successful, and only ran for five performances, but Granados delayed his return to Barcelona because he had been invited to play at the White House on 7 March. He also recorded some piano rolls in New York for the Duo-Art system.

On 11 March 1916, Granados set sail for England on a British ship, and visited London. Then, on 24 March 1916, Granados and his wife sailed from Folkestone for Dieppe on the Sussex, which was torpedoed in the English Channel by a German submarine, with the loss of about twenty people, including Granados (aged forty-eight) and his wife.

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