OxRecs Digital

A classical location sound recording company and CD label based in the United Kingdom, and specialising in recordings of choral, organ music and chamber orchestras in their usual playing locations, rather than using purpose-built recording studios.

The label's catalogue features recordings of music by Simon Lindley, The Choir of Durham Cathedral directed by James Lancelot, The Choir of Magdalen College Oxford directed by Bernard Rose and te Choir of Gonville and Caius College Cambridge directed by Geoffrey Webber. It also features the organs of Chester Cathedral, Eton College, the Sheldonian Theatre and from Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

Further information: www.oxrecs.com

A selection of articles about OxRecs Digital

CD Spotlight. Bold Simplicity - Patrick Maxwell listens to music from Wadham College Chapel, Oxford. 'The choral sound is well produced, if at times lacking in cohesion, and the interpretations at the hands of Katharine Pardee are well handled.'