André Caplet

French composer and conductor André Caplet was born on a boat sailing between Le Havre and Honfleur, on 23 November 1878. He won first prize in the 1901 Prix de Rome, with Maurice Ravel winning second prize.

Caplet became a close friend and collaborator of Claude Debussy, and is these days better known for his Debussy orchestrations than for his own compositions.

His own innovative works include Le Masque de la mort rouge (1908), Septuor à cordes vocales et instrumentales (1909), Le Miroir de Jésus (1923) and Conte Fantastique (published 1924).

Caplet's conducting activities included working with Boston Opera (1910-14).

André Caplet died on 22 April 1925, aged forty-six, as a result of being gassed whilst serving in World War I.

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