A selection of 'Martino Tirimo' articles

Ensemble. Thrilling Renditions - Martino Tirimo plays Tchaikovsky, reviewed by Malcolm Miller

Of Bagatelles and Weightier Matters - Julian Jacobson reports on the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe's Beethoven Senior Intercollegiate Piano Competition

Majestic Performance - Martino Tirimo's final 2006 Mozart recital, reviewed by Bill Newman

Vociferous and Delectable - Martino Tirimo plays Mozart, reviewed by Bill Newman

Ensemble. Drama and Sonority - The Rosamunde Trio plays Dvorák, Fribbins and Beethoven, reviewed by Bill Newman

CD Spotlight. Spontaneity and Immediacy - Martino Tirimo celebrates Mozart's 250th Anniversary, enjoyed by Bill Newman. '... outstanding performances.'

Infallible Beauty - Martino Tirimo's Mozart from Cadogan Hall, reviewed by Bill Newman

Ensemble. Intelligent and Cogent - Julian Jacobson attended the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe's Summer Celebrity Festival

Ensemble. Mozart viewpoints - Bill Newman reports on the 250th anniversary

Ensemble. Different approaches - Comparing two piano trios on the same day, with Bill Newman

Ensemble. A new group in the making - Bill Newman listens to the Rosamunde Trio

Ensemble. A memorable occasion - Martino Tirimo at London's Wigmore Hall, prefaced by other thoughts from Bill Newman

Profile. A singing instrument - Martino Tirimo discusses the piano and its music with Bill Newman

Robert and Clara - Major piano works of the Schumanns. Martino Tirimo in recital, with Malcolm Miller