Innova Recordings

Innova Recordings is an American record label, founded in 1982 by the Minnesota Composers Forum. Early recordings featured the work of Minnesota composers Eric Stokes, Libby Larsen, Paul Schoenfield and Steven Paulus. The label is dedicated to forward-looking work which challenges the boundaries of contemporary music.

The company's parent organisation, now the St Paul-based American Composers Forum, has a large endowment which allows it to subsidise administration costs. Philip Blackburn is Director of Artist Services at the American Composers Forum and he also runs Innova Recordings.

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A selection of articles about Innova Recordings

CD Spotlight. Purposeful Spirit - Music by Jeremy Beck, heard by the late Howard Smith. '... I cannot help but admire an unfamiliar creative talent displaying assured composition while simultaneously avoiding atonality, minimalism, aleatory follies, electronics, musique concrète or the murky waters of crossover-ism.'

CD Spotlight. Utmost Precision - Music by David Kechley impressed the late Howard Smith. 'Stimulating, unpretentious, singularly different.'

CD Spotlight. Scrupulously Represented - Chamber music by Kurt Rohde, heard by Howard Smith. '... dramatic and powerfully intimate.'

CD Spotlight. Commanding Appeal - Music by David Del Tredici, heard by Patric Standford. '... hugely enjoyable ...'

CD Spotlight. Precision and Nuance - Music by American composers, heard by Ron Bierman. 'Recommended for the mildly adventurous.'

CD Spotlight. Eclectic Style - A triple concerto by Graham Reynolds, recommended by Ron Bierman. 'Performances are equal to the occasion ...'

CD Spotlight. Rhythmic Interplay - Music by Babbitt and Feldman, heard by Patric Standford. '... fresh and striking ...'

Record Box. A Theoretician's Knowledge - Andrew Violette's Sonata for unaccompanied violin, reviewed by Howard Smith

DVD Spotlight. A Wonderful Introduction - The work of Harry Partch, reviewed by Malcolm Tattersall. '... the musical language is direct and approachable.'

CD Spotlight. Musical Narrative - Works by Mark Applebaum, reviewed by Carson Cooman. '... complex in surface and generally rhapsodic in feel ...'