Luc Brewaeys

Belgian composer Luc Brewaeys was born at Mortsel in 1959. He studied composition with André Laporte, Franco Donatoni and Brian Ferneyhough.

He won prizes for his compositions, which include vocal, choral, orchestral, chamber and solo compositions, plus electronic works - music described as 'spectral symphonic with lyrical accents'. He also conducted and played the piano.

From 1985, Brewaeys worked as a recording producer at Flemish Radio and Television.

From 2002 to 2005 he recomposed Debussy's two books of piano Préludes for orchestra, commissioned by the Royal Flanders Philharmonic. The orchestra recorded them with chief conductor Daniele Callegari.

Luc Brewaeys died from cancer on 18 December 2015, aged fifty-six.



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