Jane Stanley: Cerulean Orbits

Jane Stanley: Cerulean Orbits

DCD34281 (Delphian Records, CD)

24-bit stereo
FIRST RELEASE (26 July 2024)

Playing time: 70'28"
Tracks: 23
Booklet pages: 20
℗ 2024 Delphian Records Ltd
© 2024 Delphian Records Ltd
Main country of recording: United Kingdom
Country of manufacture: European Union
Reviewer: Keith Bramich
Review of Jane Stanley: Cerulean Orbits published on 22 June 2024

The Hermes Experiment (tracks 1-5)
Héloïse Werner, soprano
Oliver Pashley, clarinet, bass clarinet (track 3)
Anne Denholm, harp
Marianne Schofield, double bass

Red Note Ensemble (tracks 6-23)
Ruth Morley, flute, piccolo, alto flute
Timothy Lines, clarinet, bass clarinet
Simon Smith, piano, finger cymbals
Tom Hunter, percussion
Jacqueline Shave, violin
Christian Elliott, cello

Jane Stanley (born 1976):

1-5 The Indifferent (2023)

6 Cerulean Orbits (2016) for violin and piano

7 Helix Reflection (2013) for flute and B flat clarinet

Suite (2014, revised 2023) for B flat clarinet, violin, cello and piano
8 Density
9 Clarity
10 Drifting, cascading
11 Interlude
12 Ostinato Study
13 Mechanical Birds
14 Floating, weightless
15 Restless, antagonistic
16 Effervescent, soothing

Oneroi (2023)
17 dreamingly
18 trembling
19 ,;:.:;,
21 enter no silence
22 timelessly
23 lifting

This first portrait album dedicated to the music of the Australian-born, Glasgow-based composer Jane Stanley showcases pieces composed between 2013 and 2023 for different chamber combinations. In addition to some of her favourites among her existing works, Stanley took the opportunity to develop two new pieces: one for each of the two ensembles involved, and specially adapted to their particular talents.

Recorded 4-6 September 2023 at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. These are first recordings of all works except for Helix Reflection.