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Emma Roberto Steiner (1856-1929) was an American composer and conductor. She was one of the first women in the United States to make a living from conducting, and did so at more than six thousand performances during her lifetime. Steiner wrote hundreds of musical pieces, including seven operas. The Metropolitan Opera held a special performance of her works in 1925 - the last time a woman would conduct there until 1976.

Steiner is also the surname of the Austrian-born composer and conductor Maximilian Raoul Steiner (1888-1971), better known as Max Steiner. After working in England and mainland Europe from 1907, he moved to America in 1914, where he composed more than three hundred film scores, including, famously, King Kong.

Steiner is just one of the many words hidden in my latest word puzzle, below, provided here for your Sunday entertainment, similar to those which I've published here over the last few months.

Just to remind you, with these puzzles, words can be hidden vertically, horizontally, diagonally and in retrograde.

The solution is complex as many letters are used multiple times, making these puzzles very dense, so only marking a line 'stroke' through the word is necessary. (Many commercial puzzles specify that each word should be circled when found; on these hand drawn puzzles, however, it is necessary just to stroke.)

'Steiner' find-a-word puzzle, © Allan Rae

My 'Find a word' puzzle Steiner is shown above. How many words can you find? If the puzzle is not visible, or if you can't see the letters in the puzzle clearly, then please click here. All of the words below are hidden in the puzzle above. If you can't see the list of words clearly, please click here. You may find it useful to print out the puzzle and the word list, so that you can mark the squares with a stroke and mark the words that you've already found.

It's also worth noticing that, for words containing accented characters: Angélique (the 1927 opera by French composer Jacques Ibert, 1890-1962), Grøndahl (the Danish composer, conductor and violinist Launy Grøndahl, 1886-1960) and Varèse (the French composer Edgard Varèse, 1883-1965), the letters are shown in the puzzle without the accents.

The list of hidden words in Allan Rae's word puzzle, 'Steiner'

Good luck! Please let me know how you get on, via the Classical Music Daily contact page. You might also wish to suggest words - composers, compositions, musical terms etc - for a future puzzle.

Copyright © 26 November 2023 Allan Rae,
Calgary, Canada





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