Se hace saber

Se hace saber

IBS112023 (IBS Classical, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (6 October 2023)

Playing time: 65'09"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 24
℗ 2023 IBS Artist
© 2023 IBS Artist
Main country of recording: Spain
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Se hace saber published on 25 October 2023

María Rubio, horn
Carmen Antequera, violin
Maria Mogas Gensana, accordion
Mayte García Atienza, cello
Vicente Enrique Boix Sanz, bass trombone
Josep Furió Tendero, percussion

Jörg Widmann (born 1973):

1 Air for solo horn

Vicent Gómez Pons (born 1961):

2 e-Corno

Nina Šenk (born 1982):

3 One's Song

Joan GÓmez Alemany (born 1990):

4 Siegfried Delirium II

Joan Magrané (born 1988):

5 Appel

Voro Garcia (born 1970):

6 Empremtes líquides

Amparo Edo Biol (born 1988):

7 Maruna

Voro Garcia:

8 Al·legoria de l'ego

Elena Mendoza (born 1973):

9 Se hace saber ...

The album Se hace saber (Let it be known) by the Valencian horn player María Rubio shows off the modern instrument in its purest essence without forgetting its history, displaying the huge range of sonorous and artistic options that it has to offer solo or together with rather unconventional colleagues. All in all, a very Mediterranean contemporary portrait of the horn in the twenty-first century through the visions of eight national and international composers. With this eclectic selection of works and creators, María Rubio shows us in this album her engagement with today's creation, especially that connected to her region of origin. At the same time, the recording Se hace saber has become a tribute to her technical skills, her virtuosity and her versatility, as well as her own trajectory as a horn player. Nine works of very different aesthetics which show off the intrinsic characteristics, history and the multiple facets of this fascinating and still very unknown instrument.

Recorded 28-30 June 2022 at Auditori Rafelbuñol, Valencia, Spain.