Paul von Klenau: Concertos; Symphony No 8

Paul von Klenau: Concertos; Symphony No 8

8.224744 (Dacapo, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (12 May 2023)

Playing time: 78'43"
Tracks: 10
Booklet pages: 28
℗ 2023 Dacapo Records
© 2023 Dacapo Records
Main country of recording: Singapore
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Paul von Klenau: Concertos; Symphony No 8 published on 19 May 2023

Ziyu He, violin
Søren Rastogi, piano
Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Hans Graf, conductor

Paul von Klenau (1883-1946):

Violin Concerto (1941)
1 Ruhig fliezend
2 Sehr ruhig
3 Tempo scherzando (mit guterlaume)

Piano Concerto (1944)
4 Allegro
5 Andante
6 Lebhaft, und mit Humor

Symphony No 8 (1942) In olden style
7 Allegro vivace
8 Andante grazioso
9 Menuet
10 Rondo. Allegro molto vivace

This album presents a glimpse of Paul von Klenau's vast collection of music created during World War II when he produced works, almost obsessively, until his passing in 1946. The album includes first recordings of Klenau's Violin Concerto, Piano Concerto and Symphony No 8, showcasing his mastery of both tonal and atonal sonorities, his distinctive introspective style, and his exceptional talent for venturing into uncharted musical realms.

First recordings, made 14-15 October 2021 (tracks 7-10) and 1-3 June 2022 (tracks 1-6) at Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore.