Trevor Duncan - British Light Music 8

Trevor Duncan - British Light Music 8

8.555192 (Naxos, CD)

REISSUE (24 June 2022)
Tracks: 19
Booklet pages: 8
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Main country of recording: Slovakia
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Trevor Duncan - British Light Music 8 published on 15 June 2022

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Penny, conductor

Trevor Duncan (1924-2005):

1 20th Century Express (1951)

A Little Suite (1959) 12:02
2 March
3 Lullaby
4 Jogtrot

5 High Heels (1949)

Children in the Park (1954)
6 Dancing for Joy
7 At the Pool
8 Hide and Seek

9 Maestro Variations: Serenade (In the Style of Schubert) (1967)

10 The Girl from Corsica (1958)

11 Meadow Mist (A Pastoral Soliloquy) (1954)

12 Valse mignonette (1959)

13 Wine Festival (1958)

14 Sixpenny Ride (1964)

15 Enchanted April (1958)

16 St Boniface Down (an Idyll) (1956)

17 La Torrida (1958)

18 The Visionaries: Grand March (1957)

19 Little Debbie (1959)

Recorded: 23-30 April 1993 at the Concert Hall of Slovak Radio, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Previously released on Marco Polo 8.223517.

Allied to his melodic gifts, early experiences as a sound and balance engineer equipped Trevor Duncan with a profound understanding of instrumental colour. During the 1950s he composed music that became instantly recognisable in the light music tradition. The Girl from Corsica was heard almost daily on British radio and the theme tune for the BBC TV series Dr Finlay's Casebook remains one of his most celebrated works - it's part of A Little Suite, heard here in full. Duncan was an inspiration for other composers, and was capable of sensuous romance, breezy scene setting, delicate tone poems and irresistible glamour.