Symon Clarke: Songs for the Last Act

Symon Clarke: Songs for the Last Act

ar-00055 (Ablaze Records, CD)

Tracks: 24
Booklet pages: 12
© 2020 Ablazerecords Pty Ltd
Main country of recording: CZ
Country of manufacture: US
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Symon Clarke: Songs for the Last Act published on 4 September 2020

Listen: Symon Clarke: Movement II (Requiem) (7:20-8:18)

Natalie Raybould, soprano
Members of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
Mikel Toms, conductor

Symon Clarke (born 1957):

Secret Diversion (2003-4)
1 Scraps of Moon
2 Secret Diversion
3 Fair Warning
4 The Wound
5 Three Short Solos I
6 Three Short Solos II
7 Three Short Solos III
8 Rage and Relenting
9 Singled Out
10 Concordance
11 What Harbinger?

Time's Eye (2005)
12 Invocation
13 Shadow Square
14 The Splitting Hour
15 Monologue (clarinet solo)
16 Draft of a Landscape
17 Time's Eye
18 In the Daytime
19 Monologue (violoncello solo)
20 Anabasis
21 No Word
22 Epilogue

Requiem (2016-17)

23 Movement I
24 Movement II

Recorded in Brno, Czech Republic



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