Nikos Skalkottas World Premiere Recordings

Nikos Skalkottas World Premiere Recordings

MLS-CD-025 (Melism Records, CD)

COMPILATION (1 May 2020)
Tracks: 27
Booklet pages: 35
© 2019 Melism
Main country of recording: United States of America
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Paul Sarcich
Review of Nikos Skalkottas World Premiere Recordings published on 11 May 2020

Listen: Skalkottas: Ipirotikos II (Greek Dances) (track 24, 0:01-0:57)

Nikos Skalkottas (1904-1949):

World Premiere Recordings (1949-2019)

Suite (1929), AK 23 for violin and little orchestra - version for violin and piano by the composer

1 Allegro moderato
2 Moderato maestoso
3 Allegretto vivace
4 Andante sostenuto
5 Presto (violin part only)

Nina Pissareva Zymbalist, violin
Nikolaos Samaltanos, piano

Recorded July 2019 at Temple Saint Marcel, Paris, France

6 On the Beach (1946), AK 89a - text: D Chorafas
7 The Music (1946), AK 89 - text: D Chorafas
8 Once Upon a Time (1938), AK 81 - text: I Stefanou

Angelica Cathariou, mezzo-soprano
Nikolaos Samaltanos, piano

Recorded in August 2017 at Temple Saint Marcel, Paris, France

The Return of Odysseus (1944-45, 1949), AK 5a
Overture for Great Orchestra
Original adaptation for two pianos by the composer

9 Molto adagio
10 Allegro molto vivace
11 (Fuga)
12 Allegro molto vivace
13 Presto - Prestissimo

Nikolaos Samaltanos, piano
Christophe Sirodeau, piano

Recorded in December 1994 at the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Moscow, Russia, with new editing/mastering in 2018

Twelve Greek Dances (1931-1949), AK 11
for orchestra (from the cycle of 36 dances)

14 Peloponnisiakos I (Series I No 4)
15 Kritikos I (Series I No 2)
16 Kleftikos I (Series I No 6)
17 Sifneikos II (Series II No 2)
18 Nissiotikos (Series II No 4)
19 Ipirotikos I (Series I No 3)
20 Hostianos (Series III No 1)
21 Kleftikos II (Series III No 3)
22 Neratzofilima (Series III No 9)
23 Tsamikos I (Series I No 1)
24 Ipirotikos II (Series III No 2)
25 Mazochtos (Series III No 12)

Little Symphony Orchestra of San Francisco
Gregory Millar (Grigorios Manoussos), conductor

Recorded in 1957 in San Francisco, USA
First issue in real stereophonic sound

26 Sifneikos I (1946-7), (AK 11b) - AK 76
27 Ipirotikos I (1946-7), (AK 11b) - AK 76

Tota Economos, piano

Recorded in 1949 at French Radio, Paris, France
First known recording of a work by Skalkottas



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