Paul English - Girl in Green

Paul English - Girl in Green

BR8960 (Big Round Records, CD)

Tracks: 10
Booklet pages: 6
© 2020 Big Round Records LLC
Main country of recording: US
Reviewer: Ona Jarmalavičiūtė
Review of Paul English - Girl in Green published on 12 July 2020

Listen: Bobby Scott and Rick Marlow: A Taste of Honey (track 9, 0:00-0:58)

David Liebman, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Ed Calle, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Dennis Dotson, trumpet
Paul English, piano
Brennen Nase, bass
Mike Drake, drums
James Metcalfe, percussion

John Coltrane:

1 Equinox

Victor Young, Wayne King and Egbert van Alstyne Haven Gillespie:

2 Beautiful Love

Paul English:

3 Girl in Green (1975)

Sergio Mihanovich:

4 Sometime Ago

Miles Davis:

5 Solar

Paul English:

6 One Final Word (1970)

Miles Davis / Bill Evans:

7 Blue in Green

Paul English:

8 Missing Lady (1974)

Bobby Scott and Ric Marlow:

9 A Taste of Honey

Paul Engish:

10 Unconditional Surrender (1990)

Recorded 19 and 20 October 2000 at Deep South Studios, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA