Beethoven: The Ruins of Athens

Beethoven: The Ruins of Athens

8.574076 (Naxos, CD)


Playing time: 81'54"
Tracks: 20
Booklet pages: 8
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Main country of recording: FI
Country of manufacture: DE
Reviewer: Julian Jacobson
Review of Beethoven: The Ruins of Athens published on 10 April 2020

Listen: Beethoven: Overture (The Ruins of Athens) (track 5, 0:00-1:00)

Angela Eberlein, speaker (Minerva)
Claus Obalski, speaker (Merkur)
Juha Kotilainen, bass (Greek Man singing / Chief Priest)
Reetta Haavisto, soprano (Greek Woman)
Roland Astor, speaker (Greek Man speaking / First Turk / Old Man)
Leah Sinka, speaker (Maiden)
Ernst Oder, speaker (Second Turk)
Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Leif Segerstam, conductor

Ludwig van Beethoven:

1 The Consecration of the House Overture, Op 124 (1822)
2 Invisible Chorus: Follow the Mighty Cry of Honour! (The Consecration of the House, 1811)
3 The Consecration of the House: Where in youth we sought, WoO 98 (1822)
4 The Ruins of Athens: March with Chorus: Deck the altars!, Op 114 (1811)

The Ruins of Athens, Op 113 (1811) (text by August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue, 1761-1819)
5 Overture
6 Chorus: Daughter of mighty Zeus!
7 Dialogue: Appeased?
8 Duet: Without blame for bondage
9 Dialogue: Where are we?
10 Chorus: You have in the folds of your sleeves carried the moon
11 Dialogue: Oh! What nonsense do I hear!
12 Turkish March; Dialogue: Hey! Ahmet!
13 Harmonie auf dem Theater: Melodrama: The people are already abroad in their best clothes, thronging the wide streets and rejoicing!
14 Dialogue: Where are we now?
15 March: Dialogue: Look at the happy throng of children; Chorus: Deck the altars!
16 Recitative: With vibrant joy that never dims
17 Chorus: We have receptive hearts in our breasts
18 Aria and Chorus: If, moved by a people's pious requests
19 Monologue: Not with the dread splendour of a king
20 Chorus: God save our king!

Recorded 15-19 October 2018 at Turku Concert Hall, Turku, Finland